York's mental health funding rises by half a million

Half a million pounds has been placed into funding for North Yorkshire's mental health budget, and is being used to support crisis helplines and crisis cafés

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Over the past few months, North Yorkshire has been hit with a tidal wave of new funding for mental health services and charities. In August of this year, Mental Health Minister Nadine Dorries and Public Health Minister Jo Churchill announced an extra investment of 3.3 million into 23 projects across England, five of which are based in Yorkshire.

The five projects which have been given a share of the funding are as follows: Family Action Bradford (167 000), Northpoint Wellbeing (116 000), Sharing Voices (100 000), York Mind (50 000) and Young Lives Consortium (43 600). These projects, and the extra funding, had an emphasis on providing support outside of what is currently provided by NHS services, especially for LGBTQ+ and BAME groups.

This extra funding for services within North Yorkshire coincide with the Government’s current strive to improve the UK’s mental health services, as a part of the NHS Long Term Plan, which is supported by an extra £2.3 billion a year towards mental health services throughout the UK. This funding came directly from the government within their Health and Wellbeing Fund, which will provide funding for the projects for their first year, with further support being provided by local commissioners for the next two years. Speaking about the new wave of mental health funding, Dorries was quick to argue the importance of understanding the pressures young adults face in the home:

“We know children and young people face pressures at home and in their social and academic lives but giving them easily accessible mental health support at an early age can help them thrive later in life.

“That’s why the government is investing billions every year to transform mental health care and giving more money to innovative, community led projects run by people who have chosen to dedicate their lives to supporting young people by providing them with the tools and means they need to manage their own mental health.”

More recently, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, a trust which provides mental health services for people both within North Yorkshire and York, has received half a million pounds from local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to provide further aid to mental health services in the North Yorkshire area and within York, as well as more funding to wider services such as police, ambulance and accident and emergency.

This funding will provide more support for the trust in maintaining their specialist 24 hour assessment and crisis support line. Additionally, the increase in funding will help to expand and support the current out of hours crisis cafes within North Yorkshire and York. This will also include opening a new crisis cafe in Harrogate, and a mental health first aid response service in Selby.

These crisis cafes offer support to people over the age of 16 by trained nurses and mental health experts. The Haven, York’s crisis cafe, have been operating since October last year, and have been brilliant in providing mental health support for local people, by providing access to crucial information regarding crisis prevention, offering one-to-one sessions with trained mental health professionals, and directing them to other suitable services for further help. The Haven is located on Clarence Street and is open Monday to Sunday 6pm until 11pm.

The Urgent Care Pathways lead for the NHS Helen Embleton said this regarding the new funding:

“We’re delighted to have received NHS transformation funding. This will help us to deliver a responsive crisis service that meets key requirements set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.”

The fact that these two massive strides to provide more funding for mental health support within both Yorkshire and the UK have happened within the past few months shows the increasing importance of ensuring the outlets for mental health support are well funded.

If you are in need of any support please seek help. Advice is available on the University’s signposting You can also get into contact with York’s crisis cafe by emailing them, or visiting them at 30 Clarence Street, York, YO31 7EW

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