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Cycle of crime looms

Nouse research reveals that bike thefts have risen by 168% since the academic year of 2016/17

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Recent figures show that bike thefts on campus have seen a dramatic increase in recent years. A Freedom Of Information request reveals a rise of 168 per cent since the 2016/17 academic year with 59 thefts reported last year.

The worst for reported thefts is along University Road, outside the JB Morrell Library and the carpark on Vanburgh Way, where more than 10 thefts have been reported since January 2019 (as of September 2019).

According to figures, most remain unsolved with no suspect identified. This follows a Nouse investigation earlier this year which revealed that over a fifth of CCTV cameras on campus are not in operation due to compatibility issues.

A spokesperson from the University has told Nouse:

“Security staff have conducted a review of cycle thefts and identified a number of cycle sheds on campus that have been damaged by unknown persons potentially trying to gain unauthorised entry. Repairs are being carried out on any cycle shed that is not secure. High visibility patrols are being conducted on a regular basis and joint patrols are taking place with local police teams.”

Security have a stand at all University open days and at Freshers’ Fair to promote safety and security where they advise staff and students about safe cycling and securing cycles. They work jointly with the police and host events at the university colleges where students can get valuables like bicycles property marked.”

This increase in cycle crime is not solely confined to campus. North Yorkshire Police’s crime map shows that most thefts occur within the city walls, with 45 reported in August 2019. Hotspots include Clifford Street, The Shambles and around York College, where the highest density of incidents have occurred over the past few months. North Yorkshire Police recommend using two locks to secure your bike as well as getting it security marked and registered while Campus Security suggest D-Locks offer a greater challenge to potential thieves.

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