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The Reality behind Yorfess' #SkipGate scandal

Why did the University look like they were throwing away valuable books?

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It recently emerged on Yorfess that the library was allegedly throwing away valuable books in a skip in the Alcuin car park. Nouse would now like to correct that record, once again reminding readers that they should treat any news developing YorFess with a healthy amount of scepticism.

A student from the University responded to the news of thethrown out books, by say-i n g: “I pay them £9 250 a year to buy books, ”adding that he will continue to be poor and pissed.

”Steve Plews, who works for the library and archives at the University, was keen to point out that the University was not, in fact, throwing away books that it believed might have a value to University students. ”This is something that all libraries do, when stuff has built up or if there are pages missing they get thrown out” Plews went on to add that the library had finite space for books. “We have limited space so once we get updated textbooks in we add those editions and throw the old ones out.” The departments lead this process: if they believe there is value in the books, they sell them or lend them to students or charities.

The library is hosting an event soon that appeals to current students: Treat Your Shelf is an event that will be held by the Morrell section of the University of York library, from 12-2 pm tomorrow, 9 October. This is an opportunity for current students to come and collect free, second-hand textbooks that have been kindly donated by recent graduates. The event will be in support of the charity Mind for mental health. A University spokesperson attempted to clarify matters on the skip, saying that the process was completely normal. “The library was disposing of outdated books that were no longer used by staff or students. They had been stored in the basement while staff worked to re-house them through charitable networks. The remaining books ... were then gathered and sent for recycling."

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