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New vegan restaurant opens on Heslington West

Vedge offers a variety of plant-based breakfasts and lunches.

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A new food outlet primarily serving vegan food is to open for the first time today in Wentworth College. Following “high demand for more vegetarian and vegan options on campus”, Vedge will compliment the vegan options that are already present at other outlets, which have historically been served at the Alcuin bistro, and Hub Cafe on Heslington East. The opening of the new foodie hotspot coincides closely with the opening of Wentworth College itself: postgraduate students will return to York en mass today.

York’s vegans were allowed a closed preview of the food on Friday, with many giving positive reviews of the selection and quality of the meals. The principle choice for Vedge visitors will be a ‘build your own’ selection bowl of various salads, grains, falafel, and hummus. In addition to its principle offering, the restaurant will sell vegan alternatives to non-vegan products, like milkshakes and waffles.

To cater to vegetarian visitors, Vedge intends to provide animal-based options as well. Waffles come optionally with ice cream, salads can be served with mayo, and there’s even a selection of non-vegan cakes on offer too. An expansive vegetarian breakfast menu includes eggs and other healthy alternatives to the typically carnivorous fry-up. To ensure totally vegan products are not contaminated with other foods, a colour-coding system will denote items that are vegan, and vegetarian: everything from plates, to tongs, is intended to be separate.

Staff at Vedge are keen to emphasize that the restaurant is affordable: everything will cost under £5, and the extensive choices should mean you won’t be breaking the bank with the occasional visit.

The news of a vegan restaurant comes as students and University employees joined schoolchildren in the march on Saturday in protest at inaction on climate change. York is under increasing pressure to divest its current backing of fossil fuel extractors: an approach that has already been taken by other universities, including Leeds, and Edinburgh; the previous workplace of the new Vice-Chancellor. The University’s approach to its fossil fuel investments is expected to be under review over Christmas and the new year.

Vedge is open, starting today, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 3pm in Wentworth College, Zone 1.


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