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York awarded title of 'Best City' in the UK 2019

Out of a vote of 75,000, York has been crowned as the best UK city in the 2019 Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Readers' Travel Awards

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Beating both Edinburgh and London, York has earned the prize of being voted the best city in the UK. So now, despite the arguments between York students as to which city is the best, we can all agree that the city we all chose, York, is simply the best.

The top ten winners were in order: York, Edinburgh, London, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast, Oxford and Exeter at number ten.

Last year, the year the Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Readers’ Travel Awards began, York came fourth, showing that York is always ranked highly among the other UK cities.

Additionally, the awards also branded York’s Grand Hotel second place for best city hotel, coming just behind Belfast’s Grand Central Hotel.

Throughout recent years and awards such as this, York has been reaching high, being voted best city to live in the UK 2018 by the Sunday Times, and this July it came fourth in happiest city to live in, as shown in a poll by CV Survey.

Not only is the city itself gaining praise, but, as reported by Nouse back in July, the University of York is also being celebrated, as it was voted the top Russell Group University for ‘Overall Satisfaction’ by the National Student Survey.

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Alfred Saucier Posted on Saturday 18 Jan 2020

Wow! It is so amazing news that the York awarded title of 'Best City' in the UK 2019. I like to learn more about this award. From the essayninja I come to know about this news and the detail you shared is so impressive.


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