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Here are Britain’s best paid graduates

If you want to earn big money straight away, here’s the graduate jobs to aim for…

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Research done by Indeed, the world’s biggest job site, has revealed the top ten highest paid graduate jobs around. While you might not have heard of all of these job titles before, if your main concern is making money after University then you should have.

Pictured below is the top ten paying graduate jobs in corresponding order.
Love working with animals and also love money? You’re in luck because graduating as a vet is the quickest way, according to Indeed that you can earn big. Earning an eye watering average starting salary of £31,636. That’s over £2,000 more than the average salary of the UK, which is £29,500! While you may be thinking if it’s this simple, why isn’t everyone a vet? It’s not quite that simple. To become a veterinarian, you need to study for at least 6 years. So, while you might be earning more, you also have a nice extra £27,750 worth of student debt.  Bringing the cost of your total student debt to a whooping £55,500. Factor in tax and student loan repayments and your £31,000 starts looking more like £24,000.

If you want to be a consultant or accountant, then you’re also in luck. Multiple positions and jobs in the top ten best paid falls under this category. What’s more on indeed 6.64% of all job offers aimed at “graduate level” come from PwC, KPMG, and WSP. So, if you’re wanting to make a lot of money and you’re looking for a good chance of finding a job in your field of study post university, who know maybe accounting or consultancy is for you.

With the rise of the tech giants and our increasingly technology filled lives it appears becoming a developer is also a good financial choice. An increasing demand for skilled developers has helped push this role up Indeed’s ranking so that two of the top ten positions are filled by different types of developers. With over 28 registered languages being used on Indeed it also demonstrates the strength that comes with learning a second language. While this study does just look at Indeed it can be used to see trends right across the UK and, to some extent, the global market.

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