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Ask the Editors: Favourite places in York

With a whole load of freshers on their way we asked our editors what their favourite places in York are.

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Maddie Thornham - Editor
My fave place in York is the Drawing Board bar because I remember its existence just when I’m about to go home after a night out, and always trade bed for the now niche genre of clubland bangers, snickers shots and once even a chat with an 88 year old recently back from Ibiza, which all fill me with the comfort that the night isn’t over.

Callum Tennant - Deputy Editor
If you're looking for a non-alcoholic drink then it's got to be Coffee Culture. A quaint and chilled place to grab a coffee. Especially the 3rd floor!
If it's a party night, then always Bora Bora. Fewer places can get you bouncing to a beat quicker.

Matthew King - News Editor
If you haven’t had a Graham Norton from Dusk before your third week at York you are missing out.

Alex Thompson - Deputy Muse Editor
The Crescent - easily one of the biggest and best independent venues in town hosting a load of great local and out of town acts and York’s best PA system. Plus there’s a decent beers selection and pool tables.
Honourable mention for Revs smoking area though.

Eilidh Hide - Fashion Editor
The footpath along from the Outgang in Heslington- it’s five minutes from campus but so quiet and peaceful, feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere
⁃ Or Bobo Lobos- because it’s basically salvos for the over 25s which is always a laugh

Jenna Luxon - Arts Editor
Books for Amnesty - By far the cheapest second hand bookshop in York. Although it doesn't have as bigger range as say the Minster Gate Bookshop, it's run entirely by volunteers and all the money goes to Amnesty International. Also great place to buy postcards, as they buy massive box sets of them and sell them off individually

Patrick Walker - Deputy News Editor
Demijohns: a store selling incredible flavoured liqueurs and whiskeys straight from their massive vats. The toffee whiskey is to die for, and means I can sort Christmas presents easily every year.

Bex Hume - Chief Sub-Editor
Rowntree Park is such a peaceful spot and it's a lovely walk by the river to get there!

Sam Campbell - Music Editor
Earworm Records: great selection of LPs, 45s and CDs across every genre - particularly good if you’re into Hip Hop. They get some brilliant reissues of classic albums in as well as a good selection of new releases. Whether you’re a casual listener or a certified Crate Digger™️ they’ll be sure to help you out when you’re looking for something specific. Also the guys are friendly and unpretentious, which is a good thing you don’t always with record shops.

Patrick Hook-Willers - Design Director
Stone Roses obviously. You get proper music and proper drinks. Nowhere else can you get an hour of back to back Oasis and not have a single person complaining. It is home.

Jonathan Wellington - Muse Editor
The Nouse Office - Definitely chosen for its own merit and not because Stone Roses and Dusk were already chosen, the Nouse office is iconic to my time in York. Although slightly lacking in blue shits or Graham Norton’s the office still deserves the final mention #nouselove #selfpromotion #joinnouse

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