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638,000 students have applied for clearing as A-level results day begins

A-level students across the UK are holding their breath this morning as A-level results day commences

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A-level students across the UK, including those hoping to come to the University of York, are holding their breath this morning as A-level results day commences. Results will be available from 6AM on 15 August, with many schools opening early to enable students to get their results as soon as possible. More than 300,000 students are expected to get their results today.

A record 638,000 students have applied for clearing already. Clearing is a system through which students, who have not achieved the grades they’d hoped for, can join University courses which have extra capacity. For the first time this year UCAS is rolling out it’s self-release clearing feature. Enabling students to release themselves into clearing rather than having to wait for a University to do it on their behalf.

A week prior to results day there was both shock and a collective sigh of relief from students as leaked grade boundaries showed some A-level courses had lower than expected requirements. For Pearson/Edexcel and OCRvmaths students needed just over half (55% and 54% respectively) to receive an A grade. Concern has been expressed over large differences in grade boundaries for the same subject depending on the exam board. For example, for an A in English literature with the OCR board students needed 89%, while with the Edexcel board students needed just 69%.

The number of students accepting through the clearing system is expected to be over 70,000.

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