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2018/2019 Comment year in review: The highs, the lows, the lessons

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From Piers Morgan spitting out a vegan sausage roll, to the abundance of Harry Potter shops in the Shambles, to an insane plethora of Brexit articles it’s safe to say we’ve covered quite a few topics in this year’s Comment section. I, for one, could not be prouder of how our Comment team has worked, adapted and dedicated their time towards making this the best section of Nouse. A biased opinion perhaps, but where else apart from the Comment section would you be able to express it?

Coming into Nouse as a fresher was intimidating, and it’s safe to say, that I was thrown in at the deep end becoming Comment Editor straight away. We’ve laboured tirelessly through long days of editing, and yes ,we’ve had to face some pretty harsh complications along the way and paragraph the hell out of articles that are too short, but I truly believe all of that work is worth it to see the end result.

As myself and the other Comment Editors promised during our election speeches, we have striven to provide readers with a diverse range of stories, voices and ideas,; and I believe that as the year has progressed, we have improved in delivering this promise. The diversity of the Comment section is its best quality - nowhere else in the newspaper can you have the US midterms and an homage to The Twilight Saga on the same page. Our team has worked to at least try and represent as many diverse opinions, voices and stories throughout the year.

For myself, Comment marks a crucial stage of my personal development. When I began writing for Nouse I was an enthusiastic yet overly opinionated mess: I strongly believed that my opinion was always right (it still is most of the time by the way,) and that I was going to change the world with my hyperbolic style of writing. When I look back on my first article I feel nothing but embarrassment: a seven hundred word rant about the buses, written in the most exaggerated and cheesy style, that in its first draft referred to bus drivers as ‘tyrants’. However, after staying with Nouse for a year, I have learnt to refine my writing style and avoid being obnoxiously opinionated. Most importantly, I have learnt to understand that everyone has a different perspective on life, and as a Comment Editor, your job is to make sure that this perspective is heard, no matter how much you disagree with it - even the articles that defend First Bus.

As some of you Comment super-fans may have noticed, we introduced a new segment into the section: Comment In Brief. Three 80-word rants about the most random topics the editorial team can think of. I could not be prouder that our legacy in Comment is this petty and exaggerated add-on. I hope the next Comment team elect to keep it in. If this column was bigger I could go on writing about all the things I love about Comment, and all that I have learnt in being a part of it, but alas, I am running out of words.

So to summarise, I would like to thank the entire Nouse team for helping me and guiding me through this experience, and teaching me so many unforgettable lessons. Specifically, I would like to thank this year’s Comment team: Patrick, Jonny, Maisie and Michael, you have been the best and most hard-working team mates the section could have wished for, and even though some of you may have left us (mentioning no names…) you have all helped to make this year’s Comment the most opinionated, diverse, geese-filled section of them all, and for that we should all be proud.

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Kent Posted on Wednesday 15 Jul 2020

very interesting, thank you


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