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Andrew Young says goodbye to his Muselings

A final Editor's Note reflecting on the last edition and year as a whole

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So, this is it. My last edition of MUSE as Editor has come around as my graduation and the threat of unemployment loom ever closer. I would like to start what I guarantee you will be a heavily self-indulgent final Editor’s Note by highlighting all of the fantastic content we have in this edition of MUSE. Our cover feature is on Pride, with the York Pride parade having just taken place in the city centre. There is a strong LGBTQ community within Nouse and I am so pleased that a fantastic feature from Joseph Silke and Emily Taylor, on the importance of Pride today and in the future, is front and centre for my final ever edition on the team.

Elsewhere in the edition our former Editor Oscar Bentley tackles injustice in his interview with activist Laura Clayson of the Stansted 15, we give you the lowdown on the best of this summer’s festival line-ups, and present interviews with model Jacob Bird and comedian Simon Lomas.

When I began my role as MUSE Editor I used this column space to inform you of my overindulgence when it comes to citrus fruits, films and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I can now report that long days and nights in the Nouse office have left me with little time to watch films, my fruit intake has been replaced by copious biscuits, and my burning passion for Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains undimmed.

As outrageously self-serious and cheesy as this sounds, beyond these superficial things, being MUSE Editor for the last eight months has genuinely changed me. I am more confident than I was before, I have greater belief in my journalistic abilities and (cliché alert) I have made some wonderful friends along the way. A lot of people seem to have it in for student media and think that we take ourselves too seriously. In some cases: fair play. Student media is a place where wannabe journalists like myself get to feel important when writing something that nobody will ever read. Yet student media also provides not only an important opportunity for talented, dedicated and creative people, but the space for community and friendship.

Being MUSE Editor has been an absolute privilege and I am lucky I have had the chance to do it. I have loved every second of this job and am grateful to so many people. A special mention must go to Deputy MUSE Editor Saskia; without her support and dedication MUSE would not be what it is and I would be far less happier. Thank you to her and everyone else at Nouse and beyond – it’s been a blast.

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