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Roses 2019: Lacrosse Women's

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York’s Women’s Lacrosse beat Lancaster in a convincing 19-6 victory on Saturday, avenging last years 8-5 loss that ended an eleven year winning streak for York’s side.

Anticipation was already high leading up to Saturday morning’s fixture. Having assuredly topped the Northern 2B league, dropping just one game, hopes were up for a York win to add to their promotion. The weather wasn’t ideal for a lacrosse match, with cold temperatures and rain interspersed with only occasional sunshine. The wind was also high enough at times to disrupt even the flight of a dense, heavy, lacrosse ball.

The start of the match was tense and even, with two goals from York and one from Lancaster to open up the scoring. This happened again until it was 4-2 to York by the first ten minutes.

However, having gained this momentum York found their footing and their attack took off - a series of 5 quick goals gave York a good lead over Lancaster. At half-time the score was 11-3, with York comfortably in the lead.

York never could not get complacent however, and a tough team-talk came at half-time from captain Katherine Trantor to remind them not to stop with the pressure. This showed as York’s attack straight from the start of the second half was full-on.

Although top-performing Lancaster scorer Libby Lewis managed to secure another 4 goals for the away side, York never let up, adding eight goals to their tally by the final whistle. This brought the final score to 19-6 victory for York, a fully deserved score for their continually excellent performance.

As for goals, five came from Lucy Hatherall, who also performed excellently at the draw, allowing York’s skilful midfield to transition quickly into attack. Emily Cumming, next year’s captain and female president, was also vital for York’s win, putting five into the net. Current president Char Davey also put one through the keeper. The biggest scorer however, was skipper Trantor who played an incredible game, scoring just under half of York’s total with an impressive eight goals.

Admirable performances aside from those already mentioned, came from the likes of Janvi Parmar with great stick skills in attack, and Isla Harrison for keeping the team talking to each other throughout. Midfielders Jelly Baird and Violet Beaumont both put in shifts running up the pitch. Defenders Emma Howard and Elenore Greenwood were instrumental in ensuring Lancaster’s score stayed far below York’s, and goalie Kaity Eames made many great saves and intelligent clears to kick-start the transition.

On the captain’s decision, Man of the Match went understandably to everyone in the squad.
Of the game and also of the past season, Trantor had to say; ‘I am gushing with pride at the women’s squad, not only have we had a fantastic season getting ourselves promoted comfortably but to top it all off we WON Roses!’

‘Everyone has been so dedicated, worked so hard and the confidence and skill level in the team has soared since September - I have loved playing with them all.’

‘It will be sad to be losing so many fantastic lacrosse players next year but I am confident that Emily and Jelly will be phenomenal next season’, Trantor said of incoming captain and vice-captain Emily Cumming and Jelly Baird.

With four points assertively gained with the win, perhaps York’s ladies can be hopeful for the next BUCS season in a higher league - and for another eleven year win streak at Roses.

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