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Nominations open for GSA elections

Nominations have been opened for the Graduate Students' Association's elections.

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Nominations been opened for representative roles within the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA).
Three full-time sabbatical roles are up for grabs: President, Vice President Wellbeing and Community, and Vice-President Academic, as well as positions of Student Trustee which continuing postgraduate students can apply for.
The nominations opened on Monday at the same time as the GSA Annual General Meeting. Nominations close on 13 May with campaigning beginning the following week on 20 May. Postgraduates will be able to vote for their representatives from 24 May and results will be announced on 31 May.
Postgraduates will receive an email when voting opens with a unique voter link which allows them to cast their ballot.
GSA elections follow the same system as YUSU, which is a Single Transferable Vote per person. This system involves ranking personally preferred candidates. The new full-time sabbatical officers will take over from the incumbents in September 2019.
The President represents GSA membership to the University and acts as the organisation’s figurehead. The Vice-President for Wellbeing is responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of postgraduate students. Vice-President for Academic is responsible for representing the academic needs of postgraduate students.
Student Trustees sit on the GSA Board of Trustees, but do not hold full-time jobs like the sabbatical officers do. They take an overview of how the GSA is performing, both financially and in delivering services to students. The sabbatical officers are also on the Board. Any postgraduate student can be nominated.

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