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Campus Jobs on Your Doorstep

Jenna Luxon breaks down all the jobs available on campus, including bar work, tutoring, and student ambassadors

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Part-time campus jobs are some of the most competitive
positions for students. Their convenience, being just a couple of steps away
from where students already spend most of their time, makes them extremely
popular. So, if you fancy yourself for one of these limited positions or are
thinking about lining up work for the next academic year over the summer,
you’ve got to stay ahead of the game. To do this, there are three main places
to keep your eye on: YUSU, the University website and the Careers Gateway.

First up, YUSU. The University’s Student Union offers many different types of jobs,
including part-time work on campus. Perhaps the most popular is work in the
YUSU Bars (V-Bar, Courtyard, Glasshouse, D-Bar and The Lounge). All these
outlets rely on students working both behind the bar and in catering, positions
which are highly sought after. Student staff are contracted to work a minimum
of eight hours per week during term time, with pay ranging between seven to
just over eight pounds depending on age. Like with most bar work, experience is
preferred, but YUSU Bars are open to applications from anyone who is keen and
hard-working, so past experience is never a requirement. The best place to find
out about the different jobs YUSU is recruiting for at any given time, other
than the YUSU website itself, is to follow YUSU Bars on either Facebook or
Twitter, where they post when job opportunities arise.

Another part-time role within YUSU worth considering is that of a YUSU Student Ambassador. Working as a YUSU ambassador, you would be involved in promoting YUSU on open days throughout the year, as well as at one-off events, including: Fresher’s week,
Summer Ball and Roses. With pay ranging between £7.83- £8.21 depending on your
age, the pay for this role is the average for on-campus part-time work.
Applicants would need to be able to commit to at least three out of the four
open days the University runs each year, so if you’re looking for more
consistent work then this one may not be the role for you. But if you’re a
chatty person who would enjoy working at events and engaging with members of
the public and other students, then this position offers decent pay for an odd
few days’ work scattered throughout the year.

The next place to look for on-campus work is through the University itself, where one of the roles
available is a Student Ambassador position similar to that being offered by
YUSU. Offering essentially the same pay for both roles, with successful
applicants earning between £7.70-£8.21 dependent on their age, the choice
between these positions essentially comes down to the type of events you’d
prefer to be working at and what quantity of work you’d be prepared to commit
to over the course of the year.

This Student Ambassador role, offered directly by the university, offers more work throughout the year. They require their ambassadors to work not only on open days, but also on post offer days, taster days, participate in student talks and panels and to run activities with school
groups. A University Student Ambassador is required to work a minimum of
twenty-four hours over the academic year. So, while the YUSU ambassador role
involves working at events for current students as well as at open days, the
University’s Ambassador role involves only working with prospective students or
parents and within the community.

The YUSU roles also require their ambassadors to be promoting the Student Union specifically as opposed to focusing primarily on the University; both important factors to consider when applying. It is also key to note that there are International Student Ambassador roles available
too, offered by the University for international students to apply for only.
Another part-time opportunity offered by the University is as a YUCall Student
Fundraiser. This involves working as part of a team of forty, to call
University of York alumni and ask them to make monthly charitable donations to
the University. While the job description involves needing to ask alumni
questions and generally chat to them on the phone, the key element of the job
is essentially asking for money, so if that’s something you don’t
think you would be comfortable doing, this role isn’t for you. However, for
those who wouldn’t mind this element of the job, this role’s pay is one of the
best for part-time work on campus offering £8.76 per hour and providing the
potential for progression to become a Senior Fundraiser or Supervisor. Work as
a YUCall Fundraiser only runs for twelve weeks of the year, organised as two
blocks of six weeks, with fundraisers needing to be able to work a minimum of
six hours each week.

To keep up to date on all the student jobs being offered
by the University, head to the ‘Work While You Study’ section of the
University’s website. Jobs are updated throughout the year, with new positions
becoming available constantly, so be sure to keep checking throughout the year.

The third place to be looking for job opportunities is the Careers Gateway. By
going the ‘search opportunities’ section on the website, you can narrow down
the selection of jobs shown to you. Jobs displayed on the Gateway are always
changing and are not offered by the University itself but are from external
companies, so the University recommends looking into opportunities thoroughly
especially if they involve any kind of zero hours contract. While jobs will
often promote being “flexible around your studies” as a selling point, it is a
good idea to investigate further to ensure what the exact specifications of the
role are.

An example of a job currently being advertised on the gateway is
companies looking for transcribers. For proficient typists this could be a good
option, allowing you to take on as much or as little work as you want typing
out transcripts from audio recordings. Depending on the speed and accuracy of
your typing, skills that would improve the more you worked, this job offers a
competitive pay of between £7.50 and £12 an hour.

Working as a tutor is another option. Regularly advertised on the Gateway, working as a tutor in a subject you love could be a great opportunity, especially for those potentially
interested in teaching as a future career. No previous teaching experience is
required, as training is provided, however be careful to investigate how much
(if any) work is guaranteed after training, as many programmes do not guarantee
work or require students to find their own tutoring jobs. But if you do manage
to get work, tutoring can be one of the best paid student jobs around with pay
ranging between £17 to £55 per hour.

And finally, another opportunity currently being promoted on the Gateway is that of a Foreign and Commonwealth Office Ambassador. This role would involve promoting the Office’s ‘Travel Aware’
campaign. Ideal for students interested in writing, social media communication
or creative projects, part of this role would involve promoting the campaign
from your personal social media, meaning this job is not ideal for those among
us who haven’t updated their Facebook profile picture in several years and
who’s Twitter followers include their mum and a few spam accounts. The role is
instead directed more at those constant tweeters and regular Instagramers.
Applicants should have some kind of journalistic experience, even if that is
simply having a blog or YouTube channel. This role looks like an excellent
opportunity for anyone wishing to pursue a career in journalism or even public
relations, as candidates would need to be comfortable talking to large groups
of people as well.

Although this was just a brief run-down of the part-time on-campus jobs available, the take home message should be that these roles are some of the most competitive student jobs in town and so to be in with a chance it is key to stay vigilant! The websites we have given you should be a good
start: keeping up to date with opportunities as they are published by regularly
checking YUSU Jobs, the University of York’s ‘Work while you study’ page and
the Career’s Gateway, offers you the best chance of securing yourself one of these highly sought-after positions.

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