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Ask the Editors: What will happen in Season 8 of Game of Thrones?

The Nouse team give their predictions for the closing chapter of the Westeros fantasy

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Joseph Silke, Editor: It’s clear that George R. R. Martin is no Tolkien. He isn’t interested in the triumph of good over evil. He has said that “the human heart in conflict with itself is the only thing worth writing about”, which suggests that we are going to be left with bittersweet emotions. It is difficult to imagine that the White Walkers have marched south out of mindless bloodlust, and there have been consistent hints throughout the programme that they are capable of reason. Perhaps a deal can be forged to secure the future of Westeros for both civilisations, but it will require making some terrible decisions. Jon Snow has so often acted as peacemaker, and this time it might involve sacrificing Daenerys Targaryen.

Matthew King, Comment Editor: The bittersweet ending is going to be that the throne is destroyed, so none of the characters end up on the iron throne.

Patrick Hook-Willers, Sport Editor: Jaime Lannister will kill his true love Cersei, then be forced to kill the new Queen Danaerys when she goes mad at the necessary sacrifice of Jon Snow.

Oscar Bentley, Social Secretary: Brienne of Tarth - leader of the seven kingdoms.

Jonny Wellington, Comment Editor: Jon rides a dragon, they defeat the white walkers. Jaime Lannister joins them in the crucial final hour but while celebrating in Winterfell Bran shoves him out a window killing him. Final battle is brutal and bitter. Jon Snow falls to the Mountain in a final stand-off in Kings Landing; we see his head roll in the same manor as Ned's. A boot stops the head rolling, the camera zooms out - it is The Hound. ‘Cleganebowl’ finally happens, the Hound is victorious and so is Daenerys. Cersei is executed. Daenerys is driven mad with the loss of her lover/nephew and the executions carry on relentlessly. Given no other choice, Tyrion eventually strikes her down with a tear in his eye. In this act he unites the populations of Westeros. He hands power back to the people declaring the first Communist state of Westeros. The people will never be plagued by the elite's tireless “Game of Thrones” again.

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