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Hundreds of protesters gather in support of climate action

Hundreds of school children, college and university students gathered in St Helen’s Square in York yesterday for the York Youth climate strike, to protest global environment issues.

This mass demonstration followed a larger strike for the climate that happened worldwide on the same day, in over 40 countries. 

Photo Credit: Jay Dyer

One of the organisers, Merry Dickinson, speaking to Nouse, made a statement: “Yesterday was a global student strike, organised by young people, that spread across countries around the world. This happened because climate breakdown poses an immediate threat to lives of people all around the world and to the future of all young people”

The protest started at 11am where speakers addressed the crowd about climate issues. The protesters then marched multiple times around the streets of York to get their message to as many people as possible. There were scenes of whole streets filled with protesters, trying to rouse people to see the problems the world is currently facing, and how they can do something about it. The strike ended with members of the crowd being allowed to address the rest of the protesters to share their opinions as well.

Photo Credit: Jay Dyer

The message of the protest, as stated by the organisers, was that “governments have been aware of climate breakdown for years, and still they continue to not act and prioritise profit over the future of their citizens. This has given us little choice but to take action, and demand that our futures be prioritised. We should all be doing everything within our power to demand that governments take action to prevent climate catastrophe”.

People of all ages attended the event, from 7 years old to over 80- which perfectly embodied how climate change is an issue that affects all age groups, and needs everyone to come together to make an impact.

Seeing so many young people attend the event shows that a new generation has taken on the fight against climate change and making sure that the government recognises how precarious a situation we are in. 

Photo Credit: Jay Dyer

The event was completely peaceful, and when asked, police said there had been no disturbances.

The Facebook page York Youth against climate can be found here:

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