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New city flood defences revealed

Photo Credit: ALH1
Plans to protect around 150 homes in York from flooding have been revealed by the Environment Agency, after having been revised in the wake of technical problems after conducting a range of environmental, threshold, topographic and noise surveys.

The revised proposals are from a £5mn plan to protect the area of Clementhorpe, on the west bank of the River Ouse lying to the north of Rowntree Park and the south of Micklegate in York city centre, and will be one of the first schemes to get underway using £45mn hand-ed to York by central government in the wake of the 2015 York floods.

While the project was initially set to begin construction at the end of 2018, marking the third anniversary of the 2015 floods, the agency now intends to submit a planning application for the revised plans by April. The plans include installing a new 1.85m flood wall in front of apartment block Waterfront House on Terry Avenue, which could potentially be dug up to seven metres deep to prevent flood waters trick-ling under it. The wall would incorporate glass panel inserts to ensure that views are not obstructed for residents, while existing window panels will be replaced by structural glass. The private road level will also be raised at Dukes Wharf.

To protect Rowntree Park, which many students will enjoy spending a sunny afternoon in as summer term approaches, the plans include increasing the height of the existing flood defence wall to the north of the park, and installing embankments with a footpath at the park’s northern entrance, which will be 30cm high to tie into the newly raised kerb along the existing park railings.

An Environment Agency spokesperson commented: “When completed, the defences will better protect 148 homes, including riverside properties, those on Postern Close, River Street, Colenso Street, Lower Darnborough Street and Lower Ebor Street.” The Environment Agency will be holding a drop in event between 3pm and 7pm this on Wednesday 6 March, at Clementhorpe Community Centre for residents to view the plans.

Victoria McCausland, of the Environment Agency, said: “This drop-in will outline our final plans for the flood scheme in this area and staff will be on hand to listen to residents. Residents may have noticed markings on the ground in the area, which are for further ground survey work and utility services mapping. Due to the com-plexity of this project, as well as listening to residents, we have re-assessed some of our plans.”

Nouse previously reported in 2015 on the devastating effects the flooding had on the city, with the Ouse reaching a depth of 5.2m

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