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Libinspo winners announced

Photo Credit: University of York library

Two students won a £1 000 prize this week, after winning a competition to design an innovative idea to improve the University library.

Yuveer Ramchandani and Daniel Famiyeh won the inaugural LibInspo competition with an app they designed called Deskmate, which would make the process of finding an available seat in busy periods in the library much easier.

Yuveer and Daniel, who are TFTV and Electronic Engineering students respectively, were awarded the titles of ‘Library Innovators 2019’ during an event on Thursday 28 February. The library will also work with them to implement their idea.

The competition was judged by: co-founder of The Giving Machine and York alumni, Richard Morris; Heidi Fraser-Krauss who is Deputy Registrar and Director of Corporate and Information Services at the University; Dr Damian Murphy who is an Electronic Engineering lecturer; the University’s Research Champion for Creativity, the GSA President Sehrish Shafi, and YUSU President James Durcan.

The event began with five pitches made by students with ideas ranging from apps to wellbeing ideas. The judges then deliberated, during which time the audience enjoyed a keynote speech from Richard Morris, who talked of the importance of the sort of ingenuity which had been showcased at the event, and then returned their verdict.

Eleanor Inghram, whose idea consisted of the introduction of an app which would have a barcode for library entry and a Yoyo wallet style library points system, was highly commended by the judges.

The LibInspo competition initially had 93 entries, which was whittled down to a shortlist of six (one of whom dropped out due to illness prior to the event.)

The five presentations at the event were made by Emily Mellows, Thomas Kent, Kate Parton, the highly commended Eleanor Inghram, and the winners Yuveer Ramchandani and Daniel Famiyeh.

James Durcan, who sat on the judging panel, commented: “The first LibInspo event was a huge success and it showed how students know best about how to improve our University!

“The shortlisted individuals came forward with some really interesting ideas, from library apps to ways of improving wellbeing, which the judging panel has recommended that the library considers taking on.

We look forward to working with the library to build on the inaugural event’s success and plan a second LibInspo.”

The hope that this would be the start of a continuing LibInspo project was expressed at the event. While Yuveer and Daniel won the titles of ‘Library Innovators 2019’, it is hoped that there will be ‘Library Innovators 2019’, it is hoped that there will be ‘Library Innovators’ for many years to come.

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