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International Women's Day 2019

YUSU Women's Network will be celebrating International Women's Day throughout the week

Photo Credit: Maky Orel

YUSU Women’s Network will be hosting a week of events on campus to celebrate International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is celebrated on 08 March every year. The week of events led by the Women’s Network began on Monday 04 March and will continue until this Friday 08 March. The week will cover different themes such as celebrating women in history, intersectionality, and women in leadership, with events themed around these topics. The events will celebrate the progress women have made, but also highlight the challenges still to be overcome.

On the Tuesday there will be a Student Leadership panel featuring Union President-elect, Samara Jones, Wellbeing and Community Officer, Steph Hayle, GSA Vice President Wellbeing and Community Amy Bullard, President of Student Minds Aneeska Sohal, and incoming-Womens’ Officers, Daisy Slate and Ally Smith. On Wednesday, there will be a panel on women in politics, featuring academics from the Department of Politics. Thursday features a talk on intersectionality from the NUS’ Women’s Officer, Sarah Lasoye. The biggest panel of the week will be on the Friday with a Women in the Workplace event looking at the experiences of women in the workplace in a range of fields, including the health service and the civil service. A number of the Women’s Network committee’s mums will even be sitting on the panel.

After a week of events aimed at drawing attention to women’s issues and educating participants, the conclusion of the week will be a social on the Friday evening to celebrate International Women’s Day. The social will take place in the Vanbrugh Arms, and will feature a feminist themed playlist and cocktails.

The current Women’s Officers, Sophie Meehan and Nadine Smith, commented on the importance of the upcoming week: “We both believe that celebrating women’s achievements is crucial and should be done for more than just for a commemorative day (or week.) Hence why we have organised a packed week of events celebrating women in York.

“The day raises awareness for women’s history and achievements which are often overlooked in mainstream discourses. The same can be said for black and LGBT history months where the complex histories of these groups are commodified essentially to show that ‘something’ is being done. However, we will be celebrating and organising a week full of events for International Women’s Day because we believe that recognising and celebrating the achievements of women is important as a way to highlight the continued struggles and challenges facing women today. That’s why our panels, talks and events are packed with diverse, talented and successful women from an array of backgrounds.”

International Women’s Day is being celebrated across the week on campus. The organisers hope that the events organised can help to ingrain priniciples of gender equality all year round

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