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By-election to be held for vacant PTO posts

Three PTO positions remain unfilled

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Students will vote in by-elections later this term to fill positions left vacant after the YUSU

The positions of BAME Officer, Disabled Students’ Officer, and Working Class & Social Mobility
Officer remain unfilled after nobody was elected to the key liberation positions due to a lack of candidates. Two of the three faculty reps, Arts& Humanities and Social Sciences are also up for  a by-election for the same reason.

Despite a relatively strong uptake for Full-Time Officer (FTO) nominations this year, nominations for Part-Time Officers (PTO) and Non-Officer Roles were down compared to last year. The majority of PTO positions which did have candidates, four out of seven, were uncontested, with only one candidate versus the option to Re-Open Nominations (RON.)

PTOs are unpaid roles which students perform alongside their studies. Some represent specific groups of students on campus, while others work to create opportunities for students to give back to the community on campus and in the city by volunteering or raising money for deserving causes.

Overall this year, seven out of ten PTO positions either had no candidates or only had one candidate. Last year, only five out of ten positions either had no candidates or only had one candidate, with two remaining vacant and three uncontested. All PTOs will take office from summer term this year and will serve until summer term next year.

This occurred despite a wider and more diverse field of candidates for FTO positions this year, with a total of nine candidates for Union President, including the current BAME Officer, Volunteering Officer, Working Class & Social Mobility Officer, as well as a former Environment & Ethics Officer.

Union President, James Durcan, commented on the turnout:
“It was really inspiring to see four Part-Time Officers running in the Union President race
this year. The ideas that they put forward and the experiences they pointed to demonstrate the opportunities that these roles provide to make an impact and personally develop. Ahead of the by-elections, we are working closely with the different networks to encourage students to run for PTO roles and to review how we can better engage
students in this process.”

If you are interested in a position mentioned, contact for more information.
Nominations for the election are open until 12pm on Friday

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