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Andrew Young on his brief brush with celebrity

A new Editor's Note from the MUSE Editor, on celebrity culture and our new edition

Another term is at an end and with it comes a brand new MUSE. More than most, this edition’s cover feature is something I’m very excited about. Last week I was lucky enough to have the privilege of interviewing one of my favourite stand-up comedians - the rather hilarious James Acaster.

Our chat over the phone was insightful and enjoyable for me and I hope this has resulted in a great lead feature for this edition. My experience doing the interview has also led to me bringing it up in almost every conversation I have, letting half the population of York know that James Acaster “is a really nice guy”.

On a more serious note, however, my brush with moderate celebrity has made me reflect on how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to do the interview. It is so helpful and so important that famous actors, singers, comedians and the like give their time to student journalists. For budding arts and culture writers like myself, interview experience is invaluable. To interview someone who next week features in The Guardian gives a huge confidence boost that could make a big difference to someone pursuing a career in journalism. It is also an opportunity that not everyone will realise a student newspaper offers. Do student media kids – it’s great!

The opportunity to speak to and interact with people of any level of fame is also a useful exercise in breaking down our modern culture’s cult of celebrity. I recently watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix about a super-fest gone wrong. What struck me was how shockingly influential Instagram celebs are on our spending habits. To remove the intense glorification of well-known individuals makes us a healthier society. While a stand-up from Kettering is hardly Kendall Jenner, the principle remains the same. Having a relaxed chat with someone I admire greatly has made me realise even more how daft our celebrity obsessions can be.

Anyway, enough of this huge ego-trip of mine: Fashion Week! For something genuinely impressive this month, look no further than the 16-page LFW supplement our mag- nificent Fashion and Shoot teams have put to- gether. They worked so hard and I am in awe of some of the beautiful designs they have put together. In the main body of MUSE, we have fascinating current affairs-based features and musings on a range of subjects, from modern romance on screen, to travelling as an au pair. Tastiest of all, of course, is our full-page review of the various food stalls at the terribly cool Spark* York. Happy reading folks.

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