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York Sport to partner with Beat for Roses 2019

York Sport have announced that eating disorder charity Beat is the first of two official charity partners for Roses 2019

Image: Beat

Nouse can exclusively reveal that ‘Beat’ is the first of two charities to officially partner with York Sport for the 2019 Roses tournament.

Beat’s main aim is to “end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders”. The mission statement of Beat states that their primary goals for sufferers of eating disorders are to be “a champion, a guide and a friend.”

Beat recognise that eating disorders are widely misunderstood and stigmatised, and they “work to change this at every level” by campaigning for positive change for sufferers of eating disorders to get them the help they need and deserve as quickly as possible.

Beat translate the complex and technical guidance for people affected by eating disorders into practical guidance for both sufferers and those close to them, by offering awareness training in schools and workplaces as well as offering a HelpFinder service to help people find treatment close to their homes.

The reveal comes this week as a part of ‘Sock it to Eating Disorders Week’, which has seen York’s sport teams wear crazy coloured socks during their matches this Wednesday in a show of support and solidarity for and with those suffering with eating disorders.

The partnership means that over the Roses weekend, Beat ambassadors will be around campus at different events, including the Greg’s Place festival on the Friday, fundraising for their cause. YUSU will also be sharing Beat’s message across their social media platforms prior to and following games, including any calls to action that Beat may have around the time of Roses, such as petitions for students to sign.

Rosie Anne Evans is a Beat ambassador and student at the University of York, as well as a member of the University of York Squash team. Rosie said of the partnership, “Playing squash for university and volunteering for Beat are two things that I am passionate about, so I was thrilled to hear that Beat was a charity partner for Roses! Beat’s support helped me to feel less alone, to accept that there was something wrong, and to get the help I needed. Now, I am able to live my life
free from an eating disorder and once again have a healthy relationship with sport and exercise. If it wasn’t for Beat, I wouldn’t have come this far and I wouldn’t be able to excel in the sport that I love.”

York Sport Union President Zac Sheppard also spoke of the Beat partnership, “Beat is a fantastic charity that is doing amazing work to bring awareness to eating disorders that I think is much needed. I’m delighted we are working with them to bring more attention to an issue that isn’t always discussed much on campus, and is especially important given the pressure many sports people feel to look a certain way.”

Roses 2019 will take place from 3rd - 5th May.

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