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York Sport Presidential Candidate 2019: Maddi Cannell

Read all about York Sport Presidential candidate Maddi Cannell's vision for York Sport


  • Raise OUR Game
  • A Top Class Experience at Student Friendly Prices
  • Making York Sport Go Further


Hi, I'm Maddi and I want to be your next York Sport President. I have been involved in college and university sports teams throughout my 3 years at York. For the last two years I have also been Goodricke Sports Officer. Drawing on my experiences, the following are ideas I would like to see happen if elected;


1- Costs; Wanting a top class sporting experience at a student friendly price is something that unites students taking part in sport at all levels.

  • Review the bookings system. Block bookings currently require payment in advance which can be a large sum of money for clubs. I would like to see a change to payment being needed upfront to a more flexible option such as half termly payments.

  • Centralising funding for college sport. Some college teams captains and treasurers are still paying fees out of their own pocket and are reliant on members to repay them. This is not acceptable. I want to remove the pressure for payment from our student leaders.

  • Investigate how student hire costs could be tackled to increase the number of clubs with the ability to book York’s facilities, for example through multi-club bookings.


2- Sport for Everyone

  • I have been involved in the set-up of a joint, weekly training session available to all women’s football college teams, and the sports first ever league this year.

  • I want to replicate this format for other smaller, college sports to encourage more participation through increased ways to train and play.

  • Sport has so many benefits (socially, physically, and mentally) so I want to increase the availability of both new and existing college sports.

  • It is important to recognise playing sport is not the only way to get involved. I would like to promote refereeing and coaching qualifications, in order for students to take away accreditation on top of their degree.  

  • I want to increase engagement with students in off-campus accomodation, advertising York's sporting opportunities to all the student community.

  • Gym Membership. I want to have monthly and termly memberships available as students need more flexible payment options. I want both of these to be available from the start of term 1. 


3- Reviewing BUCs Transport

  • Current bus bookings are very expensive. Bus hire to away games is a huge drain on sports teams funds. I would look to two solutions if elected.

  • Putting the bus contract to tender. This could give us the ability to explore better prices via companies putting in bids for away game travel.

  • Releasing information on overlapping away fixtures with other sports teams. This would give clubs the option to travel together, minimising travel costs, as well as forging links between clubs.

  • This also affects non-sport societies who travel to events, go on trips, and so on. It could help reduce their travel costs as well!


4- Kit

  • For the last two years the university team kit provider has not been good enough. My club, and many others, have had issues with delivery time, wrong deliveries, and missing orders.

  • If elected I will collate all student complaints in order to hold the kit provider accountable and demand better service.

  • I do not believe we should move providers! It risks a poorer service, or more of the same problems.

  • Staying with our provider forces them to listen to us and allows us to work with them to provide a service tailored to what our sports union wants.


5- Making York Sport Go Further

  • Awareness of the impact of sport on mental health is growing. I would like to put in place a programme of workshops, in conjunction with student-led organisations on campus and charities in York, to further inform and educate our student athletes about this subject.

  • We have a wide variety of talent here at York. I would like to see an increase in the number of opportunities performance societies get by providing more showcase possibilities on BUCs wednesdays, and at sporting tournaments hosted by York.

  • Regular communication with all clubs at both college and university level would allow me to listen to what the student community wants.

  • Listening to clubs would allow those with similar needs to be put in contact with one another, both forging inter-club links and potentially reducing facility hire costs.

  • For example, additional fitness sessions are wanted by many university teams. Multi-club fitness sessions, such as circuit training, could be jointly organised as part of a more coordinated communication approach

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