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York Sport Presidential Candidate 2019: Charlotte Elsy

Read all about York Sport Presidential candidate Charlotte Elsy's vision for York Sport


  • Raise awareness of the benefits of sport and exercise to combat stress and loneliness and to promote physical and mental health to all students.
  • Unite York by encouraging sports teams to come together under York Sport Union, and foster links with other societies and aspects of University life.
  • Improve equal opportunities and ensure that York Sport Union always supports students interested in participating in sport at any level.


‘Sports prez – there’s no one Elsy’

‘Make York healthy, vote for Elsy’

Hello, my name is Charlotte Elsy and I’m running for York Sport President!

Since my first year, I have played sport at all the different levels on offer here at York. I have also been involved in a number of committees, holding a variety of positions. Sport at York has given me some wonderful opportunities whilst at university.

  • Sports organisation
    • York Sport committee – Tournament secretary - organising Roses and Varsity 2019
    • University of York Hockey Club – Media & Marketing Officer
  • University Sport
    • Represented Hockey 2nd & 1st team in both BUCS and Roses for three years
  • College Sport (Vanbrugh)
    • Hockey (Club Secretary on the committee in my second year)
    • Netball
    • Rounders (Captain during my first year)

With my experience & position on the York Sport committee I have a full  understanding of how YUSU works and I aim to maximise the profile of sport at York and to make it a real force for good in the lives of students here.

As your candidate for York Sport President, I have 4 main aims:

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of sport and exercise to combat stress and loneliness and to promote physical and mental health
  • Unite York - encourage sports teams to come together under York Sport Union, and foster links with other societies and aspects of University life.
  • Improve equal opportunities and ensure college sports players can progress to university level and BUCS competitions
  • Ensure that York Sport always supports students interested in participating in sport at any level.

I am an incredibly passionate individual, and sport has always been something that I have always participated in and benefited from. I am very approachable, and I truly believe that I can help improve sport at York to make it more accessible and inclusive for everyone at all levels.


Mental and Physical Health awareness

Sport and exercise have such an important and positive effect on stress, combatting loneliness, as well as mental and physical health, yet it is so easy at university to forget this. Therefore, I would aim to help students at York by:

1.     Work with Student Minds and other mental health awareness groups to run sports/exercise related workshops for all students.

2.     Work with Scitec/other nutrition companies to put on nutritional talks and workshops for both sports teams and the general student population in order to help raise awareness of the effects of bad nutrition and diet on physical and mental health.

3.     Work with York Sport to potentially put on more classes at the Hes West gym or to advertise their classes to a student population and to highlight the benefit of exercise on mental and physical health.

4.     Work with campus based mental health charities to create a ‘safe space’ during stressful periods such as exams, Roses etc where those needing help can come and seek advice for stress or anxiety related issues and be directed towards further help should this be required.

Uniting York

York has a hugely diverse student population, with thousands of students taking part in sports and societies. I would like to continue the work of previous presidents in making York Sport Union a greater sport community, but I would also like to work with societies and the future activities officer in order to integrate sport into other dimensions of university life.

1.     I would aim to build on the work of Zac and this year’s sports committee in organising large mixed sports socials for sports teams in York Sport union, with one on a Wednesday and a Sunday each term. Such events would be organised very early on, so clubs have plenty of time to discuss options with the relevant
committee members, and I would aim to work with York Parties and YUSU Commercial Services to get the best deals for those that attend.

2.    Organise a charity showcase with CHMS, with performers from York Sport clubs, to raise money for two charities, chosen by York Sport Union and CHMS.

3.     Introduce a York Sport rounders’/netball competition depending on the season, which all sports and societies would be invited to attend and bring a team, with a number of prizes being available for the winners and runners up.

4.     Ensure that as York Sport President, I have termly meetings with all sports club presidents and college sports reps in order to ensure the smooth running of sport here at York, and engage with a greater audience of sport available here.

5.    Bring back the ‘open-door’ weekly drop-in session introduced by Laura for anyone with questions about sport at York to come and have a casual discussion.


Improving Equal Opportunities

York has over 50 sports clubs playing at a university level, as well as many college teams performing in a number of leagues across a variety of sports. I truly believe that anyone at York should be able to participate and progress in sport if they wish to, and it is my aim to make this achievable.

1.     I would work with the Equal Opportunities officers and club welfare officers, as well as club presidents, to help all sports clubs introduce codes of conduct to ensure that a positive image of all sports is adhered to.

2.     Assist clubs to counteract negative reputations that have occurred as a result of the actions of previous club members, and prevent it from reoccurring.

3.     I will encourage meetings with clubs followingfresher trials and recruitment to discuss the importance of representing York as a university, use of code of conducts and the expected behaviour of anyone wearing York kit.

4.     Help clubs that year on year have growing intakes to create new squads and more training times to allow many more students to compete in competitions and BUCS.


York Sport for Students

Provide more information for clubs and their members regarding the extent of YUSU as an organisation, including the amount of work they put into ensuring the smooth running of our student union.

1.     Create a greater transparency between YUSU staff and the student population.

2.    Ensure that York Sport offers affordable gym memberships, as well as introduce gym trial periods for potential members to demonstrate gym facilities, personal training and classes.

3.     Work with York Sport to promote their classes to a wider audience, and introduce more.

4.    Help smaller sports clubs who currently do not have the opportunity to compete in BUCS and Roses to develop and grow their squads, allowing them to eventually start competing at a competitive university level.

5.    Create a sponsorship guide for sports clubs by contacting local companies who would be willing to sponsor university clubs, and aiding the clubs to arrange meetings and sort sponsorships more easily.


Sport at York is strong, but always has room for improvement to help clubs achieve greater success and help all students get involved in sport or exercise should they wish to.

Help me make the changes needed to make York the best place for sport, exercise, health and happiness!



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