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Stone Roses reopens it doors

Stone Roses is to reopen after an outcry of support from an online petition. The bar on King Street closed its doors after being forced to close when its licence lapsed. The bar was granted its licence on the conditions that it stops selling alcohol at 1am; have a welfare officer present on student nights and review their drinks promotions.

The bar announced that they had closed their doors on 21 January on their Facebook page. An online petition from people wishing to save the bar garnered 6000 signatures in the first 24 hours and totalled 11,000 signatures. They reopened their doors on 8 February after their two week hiatus.

The North Yorkshire Police and City of York Council objected to the bar’s new licencing application due to the number of police call-s to the venue, totalling 49 times in 2018, a 34 per cent increase since 2017. Sergeant Jackie Booth from North Yorkshire Police told the York Press: “This venue directly contributes to crime and disorder in the city. York is experiencing huge difficulties in terms of the night time economy.” Cllr Barbara Boyce raised concerns about the drinking culture surrounding the venue, “I’m sure you will understand the council’s wish to change the culture of the night time economy in places where it’s about people going out to get drunk as quickly as they can. This venue has drinking promotions, it advertises four drinks for £10.”

Leo Charalambides, speaking on behalf of the bar to the York Press accused the council and police of “taking advantage of an administrative error”. “If [the licensee] loses this licence today, he, his family and all his staff are out. And your city loses a valuable venue. It might not be to your taste but it celebrates music of a particular era. The community interest is huge in this case. [The police] just want to see this either shut down or severely curtailed.” He also commented “We are committed to promoting the licensing objectives to make a safer, attractive night out for everyone. We are happy to work with the licensing authority and to resurrect the pub watch scheme in York. We are very serious about turning this around.”

Students of the University of York as well as residents of York seem to be happy at the reopening of the bar with one University of York student commenting to Nouse ‘Stones is a very unique bar that caters to a relatively niche music taste in terms of what’s played inside bars. It’s definitely my favourite spot in York and I’m delighted that it’s here to stay.”


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