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Big Student Survey continues

With considerable fanfare, YUSU has released their ‘Big Student Survey’ for 2019. The online survey acts as a way for students to offer feedback on their university experience and, although optional, has an array of prizes available for students who choose to participate in it.

The survey broadly encompasses a variety of aspects of University life at York and attempts to draw an accurate picture of an individual’s day-to-day life. The survey comprises of roughly 50 questions and begins by asking each student for some basic background knowledge (their age, nationality, study status, etc), and goes on to ask more in-depth questions regarding the quality of their accommodation, academic support, peer support and how aware they are of YUSU’s multiple branches and functions within University life.

The survey eventually broadens out to ask about the mental well-being of the student and how happy they feel at York specifically. Prizes are on offer from YUSU and can be won by anyone who does the survey. There are eight prizes on offer with half of them still a mystery. Fourth prize is a polaroid camera, third prize: a Betty’s Afternoon tea voucher, Second prize: two tickets for the summer ball, and first prize being five black cards.

Union President, James Durcan, said of the survey: “We’re really keen to hear the views of all students in the Big Student Survey, not just those who shout loudest. It’s an opportunity for every student to have their say on accommodation, colleges, events and lots more. Results from the survey will be published in Term three and will help support the work of next year’s Officers and Reps.”


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