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Berrick Saul has heating fixed

Postgraduates were given the cold shoulder with the heating system in the Berrick Saul building continuing to fail into the start of January. A new heating system has recently been fitted that should hopefully end the issues with the heating system that have persisted over the last year.

Work was done over the previous summer break to try and resolve the problems but issues persisted with the heating system failing again in late November. The problem was temporarily fixed but failed again at the beginning of the new year. Portable radiators had to be used to heat many of the rooms whilst the heating system wasn’t functioning causing problems for those studying over the holiday. A temporary boiler was fitted on the 3 January until a new heat
exchanger was fitted that will hopefully be an end to the problems.

A spokesman from the University commented to Nouse “The heating system in many of our more modern buildings is quite complex. As a result some issues within the system are extremely difficult to identify. The comfort and safety of our staff and students is of paramount importance and we try to investigate and resolve issues while minimising disruption to building users. This approach can sometimes lead to extended times to locate and address the root cause problem. The situation at Berrick Saul has now been resolved. A new heat exchanger was fitted in early January which resolved the problem.”

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