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New Year, New Style

Amelie Rothwell predicts the top trends for the year ahead, helping you to complete your 'New Year, New Me' resolutions.

New Year’s Eve is a turning point in everyone’s year (quite literally), where everyone decides that they are going to form an unrealistic resolution that will make their first few weeks of the new year appear as if they are a completely new person. The reality is they’re not, they just go to the gym. BUT have I got news for you … you do not need to re-invent yourself every year you can just update your wardrobe as trends change. 

Luckily 2019 is predicted to follow many trends that were introduced to us in autumn/winter 2018. Here are my predictions for the year that will keep you in style on a budget. 



You may associate this colour with the library, old people or sand but this colour is back in. Beige is the reinvention of the nude outfit. Wear either a beige coat, skirt or trouser and you have achieved the classiest trend of the year. Follow this subtle yet effective trend to create an outfit that transforms you into the classiest person on campus. (Have a sleek spring.)


Clashing Prints 

It sounds hideous, but we’ve done it before. The clashing colour trend was big in 2017 and its back (but in print.) 

 It’s time for you to clash your favourite leopard print from last season with a stripe or a spotty pattern. With this trend your go-to combination will be animal prints, with florals, with checks, with stripes and spots – there are endless possibilities. Re-use last season’s classic items to re-create a whole new look. Just remember you can wear whatever print you like as long as it CLASHES with the other. 


TOP TIP: Think about complimenting the colours in the prints to prevent wearing a garish outfit.  



The party season may be over, but sequins are not. The trend that sparkles at the end of the year is back, (come a few months early) and is bigger than ever. Sequins make the perfect party outfit, whether your clubbing, going to a party or out on a cute date night, sequins are your best friend. They’ll make you the bell of any ball. Therefore, you can re-use your dresses from last season and dress them down with some trainers or up with more sparkles (when you go to Revs.)



2019 is reinventing last season’s cowboy boots, fringing not only shoes but jackets, bags and skirts. If you are not ready for a full western look, try tasselled earrings as a staple accessory or a tasselled ended top. This trend is as subtle as you like it, so if you want to go full out and look like Dolly Parton you can, just don’t blame me when you get some odd looks across campus. 



Made in the 60s and appearing in our childhoods, tie-dye is making another return. Wear your classic holiday/festival t-shirt with a pair of jeans (or if you are daring the same colour trousers or skirt) and become a free-spirited student. This trend = little effort. Have fun with it and do it your self - take a break from the constant workload and get creative (then everyone will think your life is even more put together).


Neon (green)

This trend is not for pastel lovers (I repeat this is not a trend for the faint hearted), if you are wanting to stand out in a crowd this is the trend to go for. Kim K and Kendal have already showcased neon and people will go crazy for it in 2019. (Have you really been Keeping up with the Kardashians?)

Neon is normally associated with the European summer tourists, but neon skirts and t-shirts are now in. You know what to do …  get your old t-shirts out from school trips and pair them up with a cute denim skirt or dress them down with leggings and wear to the library (careful this may help people spot you and distract you). BUT we need a bit of zest injected into the grey skies of York. 


 (You can even go for the Kim K vibes and dye your hair neon green… if you’re feeling super #cray)


Only time can tell if these predictions will come true, but I hope I have helped people re-invent themselves at a time of emotional breakdowns, stress and exams whilst following the ‘New Me’ movement. 

Images (Top to Bottom): Pixabay, Mango, 

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