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Study finds York students are third healthiest in the country

A survey revealed that York is the third healthiest university

A recent study sent out by student accommodation search engine MyStudentHalls revealed that students at York are the third healthiest in the whole country. For an overview
of the extent to which different universities are accommodating students in maintaining healthy lifestyles, looked at the country’s 28 best universities from The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019. Using public data around everyday health, fitness and wellness resources, the research looked at the accessibility of facilities, classes and societies which support a healthy lifestyle, and assigned points reflecting the breadth, number and cost of these, where appropriate. Points were attributed to: the cost of top-tier student health and fitness membership and range of facilities
available under it, number of accessible yoga and meditation societies (as offered by the Student Union), number of accessible mindfulness resources (inc. courses, campaigns, workshops and societies), and number of societies for non-drinkers. The universities were then ranked based on points received, as an overview of accessible resources (“accessible” is understood as easy to find via student union websites, official university websites, and websites of official university affiliates). When two universities tied, ranking was determined by breadth of health and fitness resources offered under memberships. The University of York’s yoga, meditation and mindfulness workshops are among the healthy lifestyle facilities praised. Only Nottingham and Edinburgh Universities score higher than York. In its citation, the organisation says: “With student culture ever-changing, York is also aware of the pressures involved for students. “Regardless of your chosen lifestyle at university, York’s supportive atmosphere will allow you to live healthier every day.” Some of the other universities in the survey’s top 10 are Glasgow, Bristol, Cambridge, Newcastle, Exeter, St Andrews and Imperial College, London. Union President James Durcan, said of the result: “This is great news and testament to the different sessions and workshops which are run by the colleges, YUSU and the University. “More and more young people are actively thinking about fitness and wellbeing, and it’s important that we do all we can to encourage this.

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