A note from the Editor

There are incredibly exciting things happening in Nouse at the moment

Each Editor makes this space their own. Some talk about the content of the paper or choose to discuss a hot political issue. Some ramble about mayonnaise. I have given some thought to what I believe this space should be. What I realised is that this newspaper can tell you a lot about what the team thinks about the world, but there’s nothing to tell you about the actual operations of the paper itself.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in Nouse. Now that I’ve been Editor for a term, there is a sense of juxtaposition. I have settled into the role, and a lot of that is due to the wonderful team I have around me, but there is also a slight feeling of frenzy. That’s because there are incredibly exciting things happening at the moment.

For one, we have just launched our brand-new website. Our Technical Director, James Bithell, has been working tirelessly and it looks fantastic. I’d like to thank him for all the long hours he’s put in to make it a reality. Our former website was old, and editors will know that it was prone to crashing on occasion. I hope readers and editors alike will enjoy the new one for years to come. 

We will also be hosting the Student Publication Association National Conference 2019 on campus this coming April. After a successful bid, Nouse will welcome student journalists from across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland to York for three days of talks, workshops, networking, and socialising. It will be an opportunity to show-case the very best of Nouse and York student media in general, and hopefully win some awards too. Failing to win any awards on home turf wouldn’t be a good look, would it.

I should take this opportunity to thank YuFund too. It is due to the generosity of donors and the sound judgement of the YuFund allocation panel that we will have the resources to print our London Fashion Week and Roses supplements, totalling four supplements this year. I will arrange a proper thank you later on. In fact, I’m mandated to do so to get the grant, so there’s really no escape.

Recently we’ve been sending some of our editors onto BBC Radio York, and I am conscious of trying to get as many opportunities for exposure as possible for the team. Naturally I was quite excited when the Education Editor for The Times recently got in touch via Twitter to talk about a scoop. What did she want to talk about? Aggressive geese forcing freshers off of campus early for their Christmas break; because of course that’s what it was about.

For now: the feeling of pride and excitement is definitely overcoming the weariness of long hours in the office and endless spam emails. Long may it continue!

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