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New University YORCUP scheme

Introducing the YORCUP - the reusable bamboo cup now in cafes on campus.

Photo Credit: YUSU

In a bid to eliminate the use of single-use plastics on the campus, University of York Commercial Services have created a new sustainable cup, named the YORCUP. It is now on sale for £5 from both YUSU and Commercial Services outlets on campus and you can get your first drink ordered with it for free. You can enjoy your drink, and once finished you can return the YORCUP to any outlet to be washed and stored, but its important to keep your sleeve, as when buying your next drink, you can show your sleeve and it will be served in a clean YORCUP. Avoid the new 20p fee for disposable cups, or ‘Latte Levy’, and receive a 20p discount.

YUSU president James Durcan stated that it was “good to see the University and YUSU working together towards environmental sustainability. We hope to see developments along this line continue in the future. Don't forget to get your free drink with the purchase of a YORCUP, so definitely a worthwhile investment!" The Latte Levy and YORCUPs form a key part of the new sustainability policy from the University of York’s Commercial Services department. Moving forwards their team will be looking at more steps they can implement to improve the environmental impact of their work on the University campus. The University has previously used more than 380,000 disposable cups each year, a statistic that helped trigger their efficient new strategy. The money obtained with the new 20p Latte Levy on disposable cups, will be ring-fenced for sustainable initiatives carried out by YUSU’s Commercial Services and University of York’s Commercial Services. The new policies will be introduced from January 2019, and the University hope they will see a dramatic reduction in the use of plastics on campus throughout the year.

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