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Scandi Style: Simple, Chic and Student Friendly

Daisy Wallis explores the minimalist comfort of Scandinavian style and why it should be a favourite for students

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As the fashion world becomes more aware of its impact on the environment, minimalism and simplicity have become the key features of any fashionistas wardrobe. While we used to look to Parisian style for inspiration, this new age of fashion has shifted its gaze to Scandinavian 'Hygge' where comfort and simple elegance are key. Before, Scandinavian style for me was just the minimalist home designs you would see on IKEA showroom floors, so the notion of transferring this same simple yet elegant design concept to my own wardrobe seemed daunting. However, upon further research into this Scandi style that influencers across the world seem to be loving, the simplicity of the concept appears to be the perfect way for the modern day student to get the high end look for an affordable price, while remaining comfortable and environmentally conscious.

Whilst comfort is a key element of Scandinavian style, its simplicity and effortlessness make it a chic and affordable alternative to the more maximalist approach to style. Just from looking at the street style from Copenhagen's latest Fashion Week, which in my opinion features some of the coolest and most elegant looks, we can see that the simplest looks are often the most effective. Copenhagen's street style is an example of how once casual pieces, like your old favourite pair of jeans or a plain tee can be seen as high fashion.

What amazes me about this new take on style is how truly simple it is to achieve and adopt. Its key features rely on nothing too out-there and are more or less accessible pieces to all shapes, sizes and age groups. One of the key features of the Scandi style is layering. Teaming basic knits with a smart coat and jeans can create a comfortable look, perfect for the interchangeable weather of York, whilst still maintaining that chic Scandinavian look.

The plain white tee is a staple. A versatile piece, the white tee can play a key part in layering, or add an effortlessly casual edge when paired with a tailored blazer and jeans. Maintaining the focus on comfort, the Scandi style is also the perfect excuse to bring your old Converse out for a chic revival. Bring back old trainers to life by experimenting with flared trousers or jeans and a chic blazer. The possibilities are endless.

One of the major advantages of the Scandi style is how eco-friendly and affordable it can be. Over the last few months, I have reduced the amount of items I have been buying, opting instead for simple pieces that will not only last through the seasons but can work with a multitude of outfits. The style is perfect for students, like myself, who want to follow the trends seen on the pages of Vogue but don't have the budget to go on endless shopping sprees. Scandi style is all about experimenting with simple layers and old school staples to create new, effortlessly chic looks that will make all your peers think you've spent hours curating a whole new wardrobe.

The style is also student-friendly for its simplicity. Gone are the days that I would spend hours in the morning getting ready, trying to find pieces that would work together. With more versatile pieces in my wardrobe, choosing an outfit that is comfortable enough to last all day at the library but still has the chic effect is quick and easy.

The effortlessness and simplicity of Scandi style is something that is accessible to all. The renewal of old staples combined with simple techniques of layering offers an affordable and easy way to achieve the stylish looks seen on the streets at Copenhagen's Fashion Week.

As more and more Scandinavian high street brands, like Arket and &Other Stories hit the UK, the Scandinavian style of 'Hygge' will no doubt be all over Instagram and on campus.

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