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Your Third Year Google Search History

Catherine Kirkham-Sandy on the sleep-deprived ramblings of a final year student

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8:39 PM Toto, Africa Koen Lamberts cover

9:55 PM How much caffeine before cardiac arrest?

10:01 PM How many times can you Facebook-stalk your ex before it's stalking-stalking? Asking for a friend

10:02 PM Are there really hot Russian singles in my area?10:05 PM How much is the fine in the UK for killing a goose?10:11 PM How much is the sue for water damage to dorm

10:14 PM How much money if mortgage kidney?

10:16 PM Is Koen Lamberts single?

10:27 PM Will Nisa stay open if block door with your body?10:29 PM Do hot Russian singles just want me for my body?

11:35 PM Can I ransom sword off the statue of Constantine for a degree?

11:45 PM Does pond weed count as five a day?

11:50 PM Can you kill a goose in the UK if it's self defence?

02:02 AM How many hours without sleep before hallucina- tions?

02:08 AM Is the campus lake a mirage?

2:45 AM York supermarkets open at 3am that sell food for 10p

3:00 AM Will I go to hell if join I Christian union for free food?

3:30 AM Is cardboard edible?

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