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Andrew Young introduces his embarrassing self

A first Editor's Note from the new MUSE Editor

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As this is my first Editor's Note, an introduction seems appropriate. I am a third year English Literature student, a film obsessive and a pretend journalist here at MUSE. My hobbies include binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, excessive consumption of citrus fruits and wearing deafeningly loud shirts.

I should also use this column space to thank the people who helped me become MUSE Editor. That includes everyone who voted for me at the elections; I say that despite running unopposed, so in fact if you didn't vote for me then I'd rather you never spoke to me again. Most importantly, I genuinely want to say thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on this edition and to last year's MUSE Editors, Emily Taylor and Izzy Moore, for set- ting a fantastic example and encouraging me throughout the last year.

Now onto this edition which, if we haven't majorly cocked up since I wrote this, is being released the day before Halloween. A quick word on Halloween: I like Halloween; I like dressing up; I am not a miserable git when trick or treaters knock on my door; I am not an enemy of fun. I am, however, bloody terrified of anything that makes sudden movements or comes even close to attacking me. In a train station, I move seats if a pigeon gets too close to me. I am an aspiring film critic, yet repeatedly avoid watching cinema's horror classics. So in short, no, I don't fancy paying to be in fear at York Mazes 'Hallowscream'.

Now, actually onto the edition. This first edition of mine as MUSE Editor is something I am incredibly proud of - the edition is full of interesting, engaging articles by talented writers. This is headed up by our important double-page Feature on the Centenary of the Armistice and a discussion of the work of Audre Lorde, in honour of Black History Month. Rounding out the Features section is an interview with The Killing star Sofie Grabol and her fellow castmembers of That Time of Year.

Elsewhere in MUSE are pieces on diversity in the fashion industry, the perils of being a Kanye West fan in 2018 and the impact of Instagram on the art world. Deputy Muse Editor Saskia Starritt has also written a fun article on her first six months as a vegan. Saskia and I also like to think our status as the Nouse team's professional Northerners influenced this edition's Travel section, which visits not one, but two of the North's beautiful spots.

My first production week as MUSE Editor has been a blast and I hope you enjoy reading MUSE as much as the team and I enjoyed making it.

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