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York's Anti-Brexit rally

The latest rally for the 'People's Vote' movement comes to York

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An anti-Brexit rally in St. Helen's square, York saw an attendance of around 3000 on November 10th . It marked itself out as one of the many efforts being made nationwide by the 'People's Vote' Movement to support a second referendum on leaving the EU.

Organised by the York for Europe group, the march saw a larger turnout than the anticipated 2000 attendees and follows on from the 700,000 strong anti-Brexit march in London on 20th October. The York march included a variety of guest speakers such as former MP Sir Hugh Bayley and Green Party councillor, Denise Craghill.

Speakers criticised what they perceived as the government's poor handling of the Brexit situation with other factors such as deep-seated party division within the Tory party also being cited. The People's Vote campaign has called for a second referendum on leaving the EU in response to these perceived issues, with the latest figures on the current Brexit deal also being labelled as a deciding factor on this.

Chairman of the group York for Europe, Martin Brooks, described the Brexit situation as a complicated one with few easy options but claimed that a people's vote would be the only logical response to the alleged public dissatisfaction caused by Brexit, and the problems thrown up by recent developments in the deal options.

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Dave Taylor Posted on Sunday 9 Aug 2020

Martin, I think you'll find that Denise Craghill is a serving City of York Councillor, and not a 'former' Councillor as you describe. viz:


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