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UYWRFC Club President Jennifer Provan talks to Nouse about her on field sisters

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Name: Jennifer Provan

Position: Second Row

Course: Law

Year: 3

Gym Rat: Probably our club captain Alice Jones, she's an absolute boss in the gym.

Biggest Hitter: I'd have to say Fran Bannister... Two knockouts in her past two seasons here is some achievement.

Most Dedicated: That's probably Anne-Marie Norton on our second team. She gives her all in every session and is always open to improvement.

Biggest Lightweight: Our fly half Emma Lowe. Her pint-downing ability is really, really poor. Sorry, Emma.

Best Motivator: I've been told by our captains it's me apparently. So I guess that must mean that I'm decent at giving some rousing speeches.

Club Comedian: Definitely Olivia Almond. She is crazy, but so fun to talk to and really keeps training light and entertaining.

Biggest Flirt: I think I'll have to go with our centre Alice Ingram. Must be that Liverpool charm!

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