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Conservatives are making a 'no deal' the only deal

The attitude of the government toward Brexit negotiations is knowingly sending us toward a 'no deal'

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The bliss of not knowing the truth is often something to treasure, before realisation either sets in or is promptly delivered to us. This can of course refer to ignorance regarding the summative paper that you thought was due in two weeks, but is actually due in two days, or if you're the Prime Minister that you're leading an entire country into unchartered and treacherous waters because your party believed a union of 27 countries would yield and bend the knee to one increasingly meek country.

The bliss of Mrs May's ignorance has by now, hopefully, melted away as the European Union have resoundingly shut down the Chequer's Plan, which, in simplistic terms, argued for the UK to remain a part of the single market for goods but not services or capital and not a part of the EU's freedom of movement. This defines the Prime Minister's and Conservative Party's ignorance as in 2016 the Office for National Statistics published a report stating that the UK showed "a record growth" in trade in the service industry, excluding travel, transport and banking, to £142.7bn, which would no doubt add more than needed financial capital to the UK's economy. This, even to the humble third year Politics student, appears to be something that is worth incorporating into any sort of deal with the EU as it is such an integral part of the UK economy, especially as the report does not even take into account the financial services that are traded. Nevertheless, as one looks closer at Mrs May's plan perhaps it was doomed to fail from the beginning because it was the best that the party, who proposed the referendum back in the seemingly idyllic times of 2015, could muster.

In particular the number of careerist politicians attempting to derail the plan by resigning left, right and centre with a grand total of zero achievements and a seemingly endless supply of scapegoating, is rather interesting, especially as the former Foreign Secretary once quoted the EU as being a "job-destroying bureaucracy". Boris Johnson's speech thus epitomises the desire of significant proportions of the Conservative party to completely split with the European Union.

However, as you dive into the rabbit hole of Brexit plans and trade outside of the EU, conspiracy theories and s c e p t i c i s m gain more weight, with a 'no deal' more fateful and desirable for a significant proportion of the government.

For example it was reported last week by The Guardian that a right-wing think tank, founded by a leader of Vote Leave, unveiled a radical plan to ensure the UK and US establish free trade links, including the trade of genetically modified crops and chlorine washed chicken.

These trade agreements obviously do not comply with EU regulations that protect environmental standards and food safety, which the UK may be willing to shelve in order to achieve a deal of some k i n d from the least presidential President in living memory.

Therefore, the ignorance is situated not with Mrs May and the Conservatives but with the public and press, who have believed the deceitful acts of the government to be merely acts of careerism. They are actually extremely dangerous consequences in trying derail any future relationship with the EU.

Furthermore, as aforementioned , the plans by the think tank s u g g e s t that we should be wary of Machiavellian politics as the Brexit deals are being concluded and a 'no deal Brexit' may be the biggest blessing for those wishing for the complete 'liberalisation of the market.' I doubt this will be to agreed by the EU, who are unlikely to grant indefinite access to the single market without some concessions, making the likelihood of a no deal ever more inevitable and leaving the UK exposed to mass deregulations, which is a reasonable prediction after reading the think tank's report

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