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Nightlife in York

An introduction to all the best places to go out in the city

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York Parties runs four student nights in York at Kuda, Salvation, Fibbers, and Revolution [Image: Emily Taylor]
York boasts a metropolitan nightlife. There is a wide range of clubs and bars in the city, so you are certain to find the right place for you, whether you like cheesy pop or drum and bass. The official York student club nights are run by York Parties and only students are permitted entry so don't forget to bring your student card! The official student nights are Entourage at Kuda on Tuesdays, Salvation Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays at Fibbers and Revolution on Sundays.

Kuda generally plays house music and often hosts reality stars, or quasi-famous DJs - Basshunter attended last year. Along with the main room, which can be described as a bit of a pit, there is a "Tiki bar", which plays more RnB and is styled in a Hawaiian theme, featuring a small van which you can attempt to sit in. Salvo is more of a crowd pleaser with largely pop, and an RnB room up-stairs. A regular haunt for York's sport clubs, expect fancy dress and sweat.

Fibbers is both a nightclub and a live music venue [Image: Emily Taylor]
Fibbers is both a club and a live music venue. Split between two rooms the bigger room plays house while the smaller room is indie favourite Bier Keller. Be-ware, switching between the rooms can be a very disorientating experience, or the perfect break from your usual tunes. Revs is supposedly the "smart club" where the usual trainers and jeans combo is swapped for a nice shirt or heels. A photographer waits at the end of the queue, so perhaps a night to be more reserved at pres if you want to look good.

As well as the official club night venues, there are many other destinations. Mansion is another popular nightclub and hosts alternative events. On Friday there's Phats, the main house and grime night in York. Alternatively there is Koh Samui at Salvos if you want a repeat of Wednesday. Other unofficial students nights are Blackbox with underground techno, Soulcandy at Fibbers with high octane disco belters, and many more. The best way to keep up to date is keeping a keen eye on Facebook.

York has many cocktail bars like Turtle Bay, Evil Eye, and Dusk [Image: Emily Taylor]
One of the smaller venues is Society, the regular pit stop before you venture into your club of choice. With cocktails served in buckets and only the top 40 playing, make sure to bring your Stu-dent card as otherwise it's not free. Popworld, and Nouse guilty pleasure Flares, meanwhile attract a slightly older crowd. If you cringe at the sight of middle age Hen nights, you might want to avoid. However, Popworld does feature a revolving dance floor so...

There is an excellent variety of other bars too. Stone Roses is ideal for Brit-pop and 'Blue Shit'. Evil Eye has the largest number of different gins in the entire world with over 1000. Valhalla is a recently opened Viking themed bar, paying tribute to York's Danish heritage. Drawing Board and Dusk neighbour each other and are both great cocktail bars, as are Turtle Bay, Banyan, and Bora Bora. Fossgate near the Shambles is lined with unique bars like Fossgate Social, The Hop, and Cosy Club.

Most club nights have photographers to catch you at what will undoubtedly be your best [Image: Emily Taylor]
York is famous for its pubs. Legend has it that there is a pub in York for every single day of the year. However, what is undoubtedly true is that you are spoiled for choice. York has two Spoons: Postern Gate on Piccadilly and Punch Bowl by Micklegate Bar. The Charles is a popular pub due to its proximity to campus. Others include the Black Bull, Ye Old Star Inn, and, Rook and Gaskell. Brew York is an independent brewhouse on Walmgate which has a yard overlooking the River Foss.

If you don't feel like going into town, there are several bars on campus. Derwent has D-Bar and Courtyard, popular for its food. There's the Vanbrugh Arms, (also known as V-Bar) and The Lounge is in James, which mainly serves cock-tails. Hes East's only bar is Glasshouse, which also serves food. They occasion-ally host campus club nights like Time Warp and Marmite. Derwent host club nights throughout the year in D-Bar including Big-D in the summer which featured the Vengaboys.


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