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The Nouse team guide you through some of the best places for food in York

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Goji Cafe

One of the best places to go in York if you are either vegetarian or vegan. Goji is a daytime cafe that serves break- fast and a range of lunches, including soups and mushroom burgers. It is located, like many of York's best spots, on Goodramgate and offers a range of food and drink to take away as well.


York's place to go for tasty tapas is split across two locations in the city centre. There's the bigger restaurant on Fossgate and then the more bar-like location on Goodramgate. Both serve an extensive menu of Spanish cuisine, with a bustling atmosphere that works for a big party, but some smaller tables in the windows are just as nice. As with most tapas, things can get a bit costly if you're not careful, but the food is so good it's hard to resist. Quick and efficient service make it one of the best places to eat out in York.


Vaqueiros is a Brazilian rodizio restaurant in the heart of town. Brazilian cuisine is heavily meat-based. This manifests itself in the way food is served here: the staff periodically bring skewers of freshly- cooked meat to your table. This all-you-can-eat offer is indeed an offer, not a challenge. Trying to eat all 13 variants of meat they offer is futile; Vaqueiros always wins.

Mumbai Lounge

York has a couple of curry houses to choose from, including 29 States opposite Clifford's Tower. Mumbai Lounge is a reliable bet, with a large menu so that you can spend an extraordinary amount of time deciding how much spice you can handle. With friendly staff and a lovely, welcoming space on Fossgate, Mumbai Lounge makes for a great, af-fordable curry night with friends.


York is home to a range of chain Ital- ians. Prezzo, Zizzie and the like are always a safe bet, but it's nice to visit somewhere a bit different sometimes. Delrio's restaurant is a little less central than some (up the hill from the station) but is a cosy, family-run option. Af- ter entering at street-level you will go underground to a delight- ful rustic cellar. The food is decent value and offers a range of Italian favourites. Definitely worth a punt.


York is full of picturesque coffee houses, but this is one of the city's finest locations. Hidden within the city walls at the end of Walmgate, Gatehouse Coffee is something of a TARDIS. From the outside, you might assume you'd never get a seat in there, but the cafe actually stretchs over two floors, a roof terrace and a long line of tables atop the arches of the city walls. With relatively low prices and a menu of delicious, generously portioned paninis, it is one of York's many hidden gems.

York Roast Co.

After going viral last year, it is hard to have been in York recently without noticing the incredible popularity of the York Roast Company. Often seen with queues out the door, it is largely a takeaway option, offering the massively popular YorkyPud wrap. It's essentially a roast dinner all wrapped up inside a Yorkshire pudding. Heavy and somewhat tricky to eat, it is nevertheless an indulgent treat for anyone who loves a roast. It
also stays open late for an unusual post-party treat.

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