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What the F is a Nouse?

An intro to Nouse, York's award-winning student newspaper

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Nouse (N-ooze), is an award winning, sometimes stressful, student newspaper. Usually we're a bit more broadsheet and serious, but in honour of Freshers' Week we've decided to be a bit more radical. We're being a bit more fun, before we inevitably crawl back into our more reserved mannerisms and look. Watch out for your new flatmates doing the exact same one-eighty. We don't usually censor either, by the way, the full "fuck" just couldn't fit in the fucking box.

Speaking of being properly fucked, welcome to university! A time often referred to as the best years of your life. No pressure eh? I wouldn't exactly agree with that phrase, bad things happen at university too, there's academic stress, hangovers, fights with housemates, fights with friends, awful hookups et cetera, et cetera. You'll make mistakes, you'll drink too much, you might run out of money. It's a mess really, but I guess that's growing up. Embrace the chaos, it's going to get weird, and amazing, and awful. As soon as one aspect of your life gets sorted, another part seems to turn into a complete shit show.

Crying is okay. Especially late at night in the library. We've all been there. I love York. The architecture here on campus can be a bit questionable, but the city is lovely. We have a brilliant sense of community, whether that's the collegiate system, sports teams, societies, or synchronised wailing to Mr Brightside.

My advice for making the most of it all? Get involved, there's so many things; student media, musicals, pantomime and drama, concerts, free food, football and every other sport under the sun. I've been to Barcelona and Prague with my subject society, and Fibbers more times than I can count. Yes, you do have a degree. Get used to hearing the phrase "first year doesn't count." Use your time well, you'll only feel more guilty as the years progress as you bunk off your degree to go kayaking.

Lastly, it's important to say Freshers' Week is different to the rest of university, don't be disappointed if you don't enjoy it as much as everyone has told you to. Your flatmates might not seem like your best friends straight away (or ever), but remember they are random people you've been thrown in with. It takes time, and there's plenty of other people here too.

I'm technically in third year now, I still don't know what the hell I'm doing half the time. Good Luck

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