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The Nouse guide to the many ways to get involved in sport during your time at York

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The lifeblood of university sport is BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) which organises nearly all inter-university sports competitions that university teams participate in. The competitions culminate in BUCS Wednesdays when the bulk of league fixtures take place and BUCS tournaments and cups which run more infrequently. Getting involved with university sport, whether as a spectator or by joining a club, is a great way to add an extra level to your university experience. Not all sports have a BUCS competition but make sure to follow York's Handball Club as they enter teams into a league for the first time this year.

College Sport

College sport is a more casual way to get involved with sport at York. Each col-
lege competes with the other eight for the pride of becoming the best on campus for the year. It is characterised by its thriving social life. The inter-college rivalries are most potent in the multitude of competitions that run across the year. These include the
summer inter-college tournaments in many sports and the qualifiers for the College Varsity tournament in spring term. Make sure to look out for Nouse's much-anticipated Fantasy Football competition for the College Cup which runs in the summer term.

College Varsity

Another fierce rivalry that York has is with Durham University. Each year, the best York colleges face Durham's colleges in the College Varsity tournament. Like Roses the hosting responsibilities alternate each year and this year, it is Durham's turn to host. Nouse Sport will run coverage of the event from Durham as York looks to retain the trophy after last year's convincing home victory. Durham are the self-proclaimed "best team sports university" and winning two years running would be a great feat for York.


BUCS and college sport run all year, but the highlight of the sporting calendar is Roses: the annual varsity tournament between York and Lancaster. The sum- mer tournament hosts more than 100 matches over a jam-packed three-day weekend. This year's tournament will see York seeking to avenge their comprehen- sive 225.5-126.5 drubbing on Lancastrian soil last year.

The tournament is named for the War of the Roses, in which the House of York (the White Rose) and House of Lan- caster (the Red Rose) did battle for the English throne. The stakes of this conflict pale in comparison to the spoils of Roses: The Carter James Trophy.

York will be encouraged that the hosts of the last ten Roses tournaments have gone on to claim the Carter James Trophy. This year could see the overall lead that York has held since 2009 finally be surmounted as Lancaster come to our place trying to even up the scores which currently stands at 27-26 to York. Nouse covered the away event last year and look forward to not sleeping in a lecture hall whilst covering York exploits this time around.

Within this showpiece tournament, the big events are the opening and closing ceremonies which York lost both after having a sizeable lead in each last time around.

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