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Lily Abel talks about the importance of having plants in your workspace

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Image: Lily Abel

Plants, the hipster decorations adorning expensive coffee shops, filling garden centres and growing all around us. Their aesthetically pleasing characteristics are one of the most basic qualities that plants have to offer. Plants provide incredible healing properties, both physically and mentally for humans, so here are a few reasons why you should fill your work space with them.

As most of us are aware, through school science lessons, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Such a simple fact, yet when you transfer this knowledge to a room full of plants, it is clear that the air quality is going to be significantly cleaner. Surprisingly, plants not only adsorb carbon dioxide, but also other toxins in the air such as benzene and other harmful bacteria, therefore offering a natural air filter. In fact, plants can remove up to 87 per cent of toxins in the air every 24 hours. The cleaner air can help with breathing difficulties as well as helping the mind function more efficiently and with greater clarity, creating a more productive head space. Similarly, plants increase moisture and humidity in a room, as a result, if you suffer from dry skin, a cough or cold, a room full of plants can help relieve this.

The colour green is scientifically proven to be a calming and healing colour. Work spaces, whether it is an office or the desk in your room can be places of anxiety and stress, so it is important to make sure you are in a space that calms your mental state. The colour green reminds us of nature and having plants in a room acts as a method of taking us back to our roots, therefore creating a more tranquil and grounded space.

The air purifying qualities, the calming effect and the general look of plants contribute to improvements in health and especially with concentration and productivity levels. It has been suggested that having plants in a room can help with memory retention too, something that is vital for study or work. The Royal College of Agriculture, England conducted a study that evidenced 70% of students demonstrated greater attentiveness when taught in a room housing plants. It is clear that more work and study areas need to house a greater array of plants to create more stress free and healthier environments, but why not start with your room or office.

Keep an eye out for house plant sales around campus and make sure to pick up a couple to make your study space into a cleaner and more productive environment.

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