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NOUSE TRIES... Bungee Jumping

Jacob Phillips puts his life on the line for Nouse... again

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When I noticed Raising and Giving (RAG) advertising the campus bungee jump online two thoughts went through my mind. I have to confess it filled me with dread. I am afraid of heights so I am not afraid to confess that the initial idea of diving off a crane motivated me. However, I was also cast back to the memories from this time last year in which I went skydiving. There is video evidence from this moment of what can only be described as sheer fear yet even so, skydiving turned out to be an enjoyable experience once the initial fear passed away.

With this in mind I felt that it would only be right to attempt a bungee jump too. I was impressed by how easy it was to sign up for the event with RAG. Students were given lots of time to fundraise and were given lots of flexibility in order to raise as much money as possible. In order to be allowed to jump, only half of the money had to be raised before the jump itself. This meant that only £40 had to be raised before the beginning of the event. In addition, students were even allowed to jump on the day as long as they paid £75 up front. Embarrassingly I have never done much fundraising or taken part in any RAG events in any way. How-ever, I was amazed by how quickly I was able to raise money. A combination of begging friends and family members to donate meant I was able to reach my target without having to shave my head or wax my legs. I should therefore take this opportunity to thank those who did donate.

The day of the jump came swiftly around and with it my nerves tripled. The night before the jump I found myself running through the jump in my mind. Naturally, imaginary bungee jumps are slightly easier than their real counterparts. In particular when you receive regular updates on how bloody terrifying the crane was every time you check your Face-book. My fear was intensified even further when the RAG's Facebook live feed cut out just as they were streaming the first jump of the day.

Naturally to someone who is already a bit of a wuss, this made me assume that the bungee jump had already been transformed into a scene out of a Final Destination film. Of course, this was n o t the case and the first jumper had success-fully reached the floor. At 12 noon it was my turn to jump so I headed off on the bus to watch what was go-ing on. Arriving slightly early I was able to witness previous jumpers in motion. It is incredibly how much variety there can be in sim-ply throwing yourself off a crane. The first jumper I saw elegantly tossed themselves from the 180ft high crane, resembling some form of Tom Daley and, children's catapult hybrid. Other jumpers were slightly more awkward, one in particular shockingly only let go with one hand meaning that they spun down to earth looking like a human drill.

Once strapped up by three harnesses and a foot brace it was my turn to jump. Although, I had man-aged to stay reasonably calm at the base of the crane watching others jump, as soon as I was pulled up in the lift, I must confess I was thankful to be wearing dark trousers. Once at the top of the crane I was told to just focus on the Minster in the distance in order to prevent me from looking straight down. How-ever, I was stuck in a state of shock. I attempted to jump however only managed to scream the ever elegant word 'fuck' loud enough to be heard by York Railway Station. Thankfully, the giggles of those very much entertained by my jolt-ing on the ground actually relaxed me and enabled to let go on my second attempt from the top of the crane. The jump itself was a bit of a blur. The initial fall was so fast that I did not comprehend what was going on until I has bounced back up into the air. At which point, the only thing going through my mind was 'This is absolutely fucking terrifying, why did I think I was in any way brave enough to deal with this?' However, thankfully the following bounces were filled with relief. Once I had been lowered upside down back to the floor and to safety, I was finally able to laugh at my previous fear. Although scarier than anything else I have ever done, I would definitely encourage anyone who is not afraid of heights try bungee jumping. For those who are, it is as bloody scary as it looks so approach with caution. You will be incredibly scared. Four out of Ten, would not recommend.

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