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Vision Editor Amelia Hubbard resigns, condemning the future of the society

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York Vision Editor Amelia Hubbard has resigned from her role, in a condemnation of the society's future and the criticism she has received while in her role. In a letter sent to Vision members announcing her resignation, Hubbard noted of how she had been labelled a 'bitch', a 'psychopath', 'cold', 'controlling', 'Anna Wintour on a budget', following this with 'along with many others things that I dare not even repeat.'

Hubbard was elected to her position of Editor last term, just after Vision celebrated its 31 birthday. She notes that when she first arrived at the Vision office, situated in Grimston House, the office space was 'unfit for work', and that it was a fire hazard, claiming that she spent a lot of time trying to utilise the space more efficiently, including organising a deep clean. Hubbard notes that, given Vision's dwindling membership base, she sees it hard to justify Vision using this office space when many societies are desperate for space.

Managing Director Lucas North also announced their intention to resign on URY's Newshour at 6PM, stating that they will be leaving on Friday at midday, after a committee meeting to ratify interim post holders, including signatories. However, North was intending to step down regardless at Vision's termly elections in a week's time.

Hubbard follows this by noting that Vision has been saved from bankruptcy due to the dedication of certain individuals, however the society's lack of writers has left it in a position which Hubbard cannot see a viable future short of continued YUSU intervention. While noting that Vision's most recent edition, which was published at the end of last term and featured a radical redesign, received intense criticism, Hubbard points out that the most important thing in her view was to ensure that Vision continued to print after an 11 month gap.

During her time as Editor, Hubbard has been faced with more than one vote-of-no-confidence, with many battles having to be fought from within the society. While she says she has made some friendships and has had some experiences which were enriching, Hubbard also stated that she often felt like the 'world was against me, and although I have come to recognise that some of the concerns expressed by fellow student journalists were justified, especially pertaining to the state of Vision, I found it to be an incredibly isolating experience'.

Hubbard concludes her letter by stating that she intends to contact Alex Urquhart, YUSU President, to further detail her concerns, while thanking those who have supported her, stating that the experience was memorable.

Hubbard commented to Nouse that "Vision has produced some groundbreaking stories, pushing tabloid to its very limits over the years. Our alumni have gone on to become journalists at some of the countries most respected News Outlets. However, the recent history of Vision has been one of decline, in stark contrast to its prior success. Though many still feel loyal to that past Vision, I believe the time has come for all of us to question the feasibility of sustaining it on that grounds of that alone."

YUSU Print Media Rep and future Activities Officer Finn Judge said that he while he was sad to see Hubbard go, "the state of Vision is such now that it's a thankless task to get it anywhere near its former position. Everyone who's worked on the paper throughout this has tried their hardest - both students and Vision alumni should be grateful for that. We'll be having discussions about where to go from here, but for now, I'm glad [Amelia] is getting a well deserved rest."

North also stated that they were resigning "after a year as managing director which has seen multiple Editors in Chief come and go, and has been a really difficult year trying to hold the society and paper together in the face of much public criticism. I wish Vision the best of luck for the future but struggle to imagine it thriving in the current campus media climate."

A Vision spokesperson also told Nouse that: "Earlier today [Amelia] resigned as Editor in Chief. Vision thanks her for her contributions to the paper, and wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavours. We remain committed to a print schedule which will see Vision return to campus in physical form, and the editorial team will be meeting later this week to discuss the paper's future."

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