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University Fashion Society to host show as part of York Fashion Week

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The University of York Fashion Society are set to hold an international fashion show as part of York Fashion Week. The event, which is happening on Friday April 20, is being held in Carluccio's Italian Restaurant in St Helens Square.

The conceit of the show is to embrace beauty within differing cultures, looking at how these cultures are expressed through fashion. The show will feature clothes both traditional and contemporary, alongside performances of dance and music from around the globe. Tickets start from £7, with a VIP package including front row seats and a glass of wine available at an increased price.

The show, which is being held in collaboration with Leeds University Fashion Society (LUFS), aims to raise money for eating disorder charity Beats, the UK's leading charity in the field, which aims to end the pain felt by sufferers of eating disorders through the provision of helplines, online support groups and message boards, and campaigning for increased treatment and understanding of the disorder. They also work to train professionals to support sufferers.

The Fashion Society, which began in January 2017, have been experiencing a period of rapid expansion, holding events such as photoshoots, fashion shows, and Q and As with fashion industry experts.

Rebecca Gallon, Fashion Society Vice-President, told Nouse that 'Fashion for us is about loving yourself, art, fun, creativity, and not fitting absurd standards of beauty. We are always looking for more ideas of events as we really want to create more opportunities to have fun for fashion lovers in York.'

York's inaugural Fashion Week is set to be held from April 16 to 22, and is organised by Fashion City York, a group of local business owners which have been holding fashion events since 2013.

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