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Soul Candy: Copacabana

Copacabana comes to York as Soul Candy host a night to remember.

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Image: Soul Candy

Soul Candy's latest event, Copacabana, brought the University of York term to a close in incredible fashion. The mixture of disco classics such as 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' in Fibbers and techno legends like Gerd Janson in the Bierkeller, kept the funk going all night, especially as Bierkeller offered the opportunity to express yourself in each and every capability.

Although the night contained high octane disco belters, the event had an undertone of calmness as never once did I feel enclosed or cramped, something which often happens in Fibbers, which all to frequently becomes seriously crowded. It should be noted however, that this is purely a consequence of Fibbers itself being small and blame cannot be placed upon event organisers.

Previous Soul Candy events have featured a multitude of props and decorations, which contribute to the great atmosphere and pre-event excitement, which is no surprise why Copacabana is the third consecutive time Soul Candy has sold out. Soul Candy has continuously outperformed their previous performances and the addition of a candy floss machine and photo booth, was a welcome addition to ensure that energy levels remained at an all time high, whilst having all the highs photographed, whether for better or worse.

Furthermore the work Sould Candy has done with local and independent organisations such as SkatePal and Northern Youth and local businesses. This pushes the event into another dimension as by supporting local causes it gives back to York in another way other than simply giving a thousand students a great night. Thus Soul Candy demonstrates a reversal back to the foundations of original club nights that was local communities coming together for the benefit of each member of the community.

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