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Lacrosse B win against resilient St Chad's

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DERWENT MIXED lacrosse produced a 3-1 victory over St Chad's in the lacrosse B match on 22 Acres on Sunday. Cheered on by the ever-present stronghold of Derwent support, York produced a fine performance to claim some of the first points of the day.

Derwent thought they'd taken the lead early on when an attempt on goal hit the side-netting, producing cheers from some of the crowd, only to be followed by disappointment when the game continued.

The home side did break the deadlock shortly after, however, after some intricate team-play was finished off by Captain Lucy Hatherall. The Durham team were frustrated by one of their players questioning the referee's decisions but his protests were waved away by the officials. Derwent took a deserved 1-0 lead into the half-time break and looked likely to go on to victory.

St Chad's responded well after the break, however, and were level not long after the restart. Derwent thought they'd reclaimed the lead almost instantly when Hugo Chadman launched the ball into the net. Unfortunately, his effort was judged to have been from just outside the area of the box and was subsequently disallowed. Chadman was not to be denied for long, though, and got his goal midway through the second half, restoring Derwent's one-goal lead.

More impressive goalkeeping and defending from the Derwent backline kept St Chad's at bay until the dying embers of the game in which Hatherall put the game beyond doubt not long before the final whistle, with another fine team move. The visitors had no reply and Derwent saw the game out to put some early points on the board for York. This first victory set the tone for the rest of the day. The Derwent crowd applauded the team off the field after what was a great performance

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