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Big D Festival: Cosmos

This year's festival set to be the most inclusive and broadest "post-exam blow out"

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The Big D ticket launch

The "new and improved" Big D tickets launched today, with the event hoping to rejuvenate itself from last year's event which was submerged with drug problems from the onset.

The event, hosted and promoted by Derwent College, is set to be one of the best and most inclusive events to date with Creative Director Nick Dann, describing that more "acts, genres of music and tunes" will be featured. This is both highly exciting and positive as the event last year was geared more towards grime music fans, so the inclusion of a more diverse range of music is always promising, especially in York.

From today's ticket sales, the event is looking popular already, possibly because of the massive advertising campaign the committee has run on social media and across campus, with some students confusing the event with a YUSU candidate.

The festival which is "touching down" on the 4th of June, promising the "largest post-exam blow out" with a new stage, live performing acts and immersive visual displays, looks like a new and improved Big D. Nevertheless, students wait with baited breath for the lineup which will hopefully live up to the previous artists who have performed, such as Blonde, Dusky and Redlight.

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2 Comment

James Caven Posted on Tuesday 25 Feb 2020

I think it would be a problem if a student festival wasn't submerged in drugs #drop


Arian Posted on Tuesday 25 Feb 2020

Suck your mum


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