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'It Was Red And Yellow And Green And Brown...'

Fillipios Karakonstantinos uncovers the glory of colour in menswear

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Being creative and experimenting using colour on your bottom half is just as easy as it sounds. Who said that bold colour and pattern is just for women's fashion? That person, my friends, may well be clueless of fashion.

Men can easily rock colourful pants and experiment by trying to make a personal statement with their ensembles, and thus create a unique identity enabling them to stand out. Experimenting with bright colours, when done correctly, can make you look like a high fashion street-style god attracting all the positive attention and astonishment. Who doesn't want that?

For those of you used to being in the standardised world full of formality, of dark denim and khaki, this may sound kind of alarming. I'm not saying that the experimentation process means suddenly jumping into neon yellow chinos accompanied by fiery red socks. If it is your first time trying to integrate colour, then the word "delicacy" should come into your mind right away. If combined correctly, understated shades like dusk blue, treetop, toasted almond, and marsala should be the starting point that any man can pull off, to extract as much exquisiteness and personal branding possible.

So, this is all well and good, but how does one achieve that?If you are just beginning your journey in the world of colour, unless you are planning to head to Mardi Gras or to another extreme colourful celebration, you should first of all focus on one main element (shirt, jacket, pants) with a particular colour at a time. So, for example, green chinos can be paired rightly with a light grey/white button down or a black and white striped t-shirt. Try to mix and freely match different colour schemes with your socks and neckwear too! If you would like to add accessories to your looks, make sure that those do not match with your main piece(s). Try to use them as a complement to your colours. For instance, bright red pants match perfectly with a blue bow tie or with a flannel with subtle red accents.

Interestingly, colour is not limited to casualwear. If you are the bold guy, try a pair of blue, green, or even purple pants with a sport coat and a tie. Pay attention to keeping the rest of the outfit neutral and let your pants grab the whole attention. A last remark: some of you will be daring when it comes to colours and some not so much.

So remember fashion is about having fun and presenting the inner you! Have a little fun with your wardrobe and stick to your defining colours, but do not overdo it!

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