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By-elections for vacant YUSU roles

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TWO YUSU PART Time Officer (PTO) positions have not been filled. The positions of International Students' Officer and Volunteering Officer, despite having applicants, had no candidates during the 2018 Student Union elections. Two non-officer positions, that of the Faculty Representative for Arts and Humanities and the Faculty Representative for Social Sciences have also been left unfilled.

There will now be by-elections, with nominations for all four positions having opened at noon on Monday 5 March. They will remain open until Friday 9 March, closing at 5 pm. During the week of nominations, students interested are encouraged to attend a candidate information meeting in YorSpace on Thursday 8, from 5pm until 7pm. The Candidate Info Session will also be used to take applicants' official photographs for the YUSU site, meaning that anybody unable to attend must contact YUSU in advance.

There will then be one academic week of campaigning from candidates, with voting opening at midday on Monday of Week 10. The voting will then be closed at noon on Friday 16 March. This will be swiftly followed by the results announcement, which will be online at 5pm on the same day.

Candidates are only able to run for one of the four available positions, and are subject to the same campaigning rules as those that ran in the full YUSU elections.

The voter turnout for 2017's Volunteering Officer and International Students' Officer were far from the lowest numbers for part-time officer roles. The valid votes for the four candidates running for Volunteering Officer (with two running a joint campaign) amassed 1289 valid votes and International Students' Officer hopefuls split 1476 votes. Alex Urquhart, the current York University Students' Union President, told Nouse, "Every year we see a dropout of candidates. This year we allowed candidates to nominate themselves without a manifesto, to help remove obstacles to students putting themselves forward and make it a little easier to engage with.

"We are doing a full evaluation of the elections to understand more about the reasoning behind the high volume of dropouts. By-elections will be held before the end of term, look out for information on the website and in YUSU emails during Week 9."

People wanting to submit themselves must apply at

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Moon Posted on Tuesday 27 Mar 2018

You've got to be kidding me-it's so trtsapnrenaly clear now!