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Why'd You Have To Put Rocky Starz In My Eyes?

Peter Jacobs reports on Rocky Stars' supreme spectacle.

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Freemasonry is the kind of open secret I think we all want to know a lil' more about. Safe to say, Rocky Stars' masterpiece gave me the privilege of doing just that.

A freemason hall in Covent Garden seemed to engulf the crowd. I adored the deliberacy of the location. It was obvious that much time had been spent conceiving of this venue and the dividends were stupendous. In that moment it was all clear. Fashion is an art form and should be perceived as such. It's far more than individuals strutting their stuff (but that does matter), the essence of fashion is a search of discovery into the human experience. This show gave me a taste of that search and I relish the addiction for fashion that I think this has bred in me.

With the music booming, you just knew that LFW was buzzing for Rocky Stars' thang to emerge. The models entered with all the sass and confidence of a group in full knowledge of their ascendancy. Ascend they did, to much aplomb. I was instantly aware of the privilege that lay in witnessing this show and it felt as though time no longer mattered, only the witness to this majesty. A glorious golden throne sat at the head of the catwalk and seemed to set the tone for the show in its splendour. Indeed it was gold that the first models wore as they emerged. Sequins were ruling spectacularly, giving a raw shine to the performance that was just mesmerising to behold. So too did eye makeup strike me as being the most prominent of the makeup worn by this group. The models had an air of the Cleopatra about them as they moved with such grace and confidence. I felt empowered and yet I am but a mere university newspaper reporter!

Many of the walkers wore superb silver lace hairnets, a detail that was very much the icing on the cake to this performance. Gold too was seen with many of the models wearing brilliant golden ear pieces, simply adding more to the general feeling of decadence that was on show in the clothing and decor.

Time passed like little I can remember. This was more than a show. Rocky S showed to us at Nouse and to LFW that fashion is a holistic practise. It ended as far more than a manufactured display, this show tapped into the sort of joy that I think all of the best designers are pursuing. Suffice to say, after seeing this show, I was left with Rocky Stars in my eyes; hats off.

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